2016 Review ~ What a year, What a ride!

2016 Review ~ What a year, What a ride!
What A Year

2016 Review – What Can I Say

This year has had high highs and a few lows. All in all, I will have, to sum up, 2016 as a pretty fruitful year.

Family, friendships, and business were all over the place this year; Yet, It all will come to an end the way it was meant to have been.

2016 Review

She taught at Rosewood Arts Center two times as Sew Dayton and once as Needle, Ink, and Thread.

Two quilt markets, Spring in Salt Lake City and Houston Market.

Published in the newspaper a few times as both Needle, Ink and Thread and Sew Dayton.

Wrote a few guest blog posts, pattern tested multiple designs, received patterns to write reviews from McCalls Pattern company.

I closed a four-year-old fabric shop and learning studio and started my sewing studio focused on sewing and fiber arts education.

Sewing lessons at Needle, Ink and Thread
Needle, Ink and Thread LLC

I am running a successful sewing studio in Beavercreek after four and a half months!

Hitting personal and business goals weekly and investing in the new company with new machines will enhance the educational possibilities.

More Family time with a new schedule.

Working set hours and setting time aside for more family and friends.

Spending time with family
Brothers Wedding in Florida// Niece Tabby, Grand Niece Kaelynn, Nephew Zach, Nephew Nathan, Ms. Rhea!

Getting out into the new community and trying to give, inspire, do more charity work.

Learned how to say “No” to anything I do not want to do if it doesn’t inspire me.

Worked on spending more time with Rhea and less time on the computer working.

I lived more, at the moment, with family, friends, classes, and memories, less with my phone and over documenting.

Went on TV (Living Dayton) a few times as Sew Dayton. Once as Needle, Ink, and Thread promoting my emoji pillow class.

Contacted my elected officials more times than I ever thought that I would!


As 2017 rolls in, I will constantly update and change the business to fit my new plan. (shhh. it’s a secret!)

Invest in new fabrics for class kits.

Add at least 1-2 new classes in the rotation each month.

Still, offer my Create! Creative Community Day/Nights and Kids Create! Monthly sewing party

Alterations Tuesdays 11-6 PM

Work to get some more signage in front of the studio to stand out.

Possible class series. 4-week courses.

Come up with a few garment workshops.

Techniques and Tips Classes.

Get guest teachers in for classes (1 a month).

Teach offsite at least once a month.

And a few I can’t post yet.

What do you want me to add to 2017? Comment below!


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