New Studio – Birthday Bash! Mark those Calendars

Needle, Ink and Thread turns three

Three Years Already and now a new studio!

I can’t believe that this year will mark my third birthday for the studio, almost three years ago (August 16th) Sew Dayton closed its doors. A few months prior to our final day open,  I found out that the studio would be closing its doors for good. I was sad and excited at the same time not knowing 100% what I would be doing.  Where I would be going? Was  I was going to have to go back to corporate America. I felt like I had failed.

Little did I know that this was the beginning of a new adventure, one that I could spread my wings. This became something that was no longer scary but exciting. Of course, cried at first, but once the shock was over, I put my big girl boots on and got to work.

Location, Location, Location – New Studio

First and foremost I had to find the right spot, somewhere where I could have enough room to teach and still take in alterations. I considered a few cities, including staying in Dayton, Kettering, Centerville, and Beavercreek. After talking to my friend Tabitha, owner of Decoy Art Center, she suggested coming to look at a space in the same building she was located. Suggesting that Beavercreek would be perfect.

So, my husband and mom came with me to check out the spot. A little small but the price was spot on, the location was in conjunction with another creative space.  A bonus that it was just seven minutes from my house.  There was no crazy traffic getting to the potential space. The shop had a parking lot in the rear of the building and it was at a major intersection.

These were all checkmarks in the YES column of my ideal studio.

New Studio in Beavercreek for the WIN!

So with more pro’s than cons, I talked to the building owner and we settled on a price and lease term. They built the space out to what I needed which was a blessing! The floors were concreated which made easy cleanup and less stress for keeping them nice. Within 5 days of finding out, we were closing Sew Dayton, I had found a home for my new business, Needle, Ink and Thread.

Fast Forward

Three years later, I have moved the studio to a bigger location, tripling my space.  I am celebrating my third year in business as a solo business owner, I am celebrating the community that has embraced me, I am celebrating my customers, family, and friends. They have stuck by me and cheered me along. Telling others about the studio and always willing to help.   They say it takes a village… I totally 100% agree!

moving title card
What’s Next?

So, of course, the next idea is to have a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! We will have two food trucks in the lot, Zombie Dogz and Billie Gold Bubble Tea, two of my absolute favorites! There will be sales, fabric for cheap, vintage patterns, and info on the upcoming fall classes as well as some door prizes!

I hope to see you there and look forward to many more years serving this community!  Please mark those calendars!

Happy Birthday Needle, Ink and Thread
Come celebrate with friends and family


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