How to Make Oatmeal Energy Balls with Pumpkin and Spice

Energy Balls These little morsels, often called power balls because they are full of fuel for your body, are also known as energy bites. The two-bite treats are filled with powerful ingredients like oats, peanut butter and usually protein powders — and don't need any baking. These little treats are great to help boost your energy the right way, with ingredients that are great for your...Read on my friend!
fabric prep

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Fabric Prep

All About Fabrics! We all love fabric, or we wouldn’t be sewing.  This post will help you with some of your fabric care and prep. Prep [caption id="attachment_797" align="alignright" width="483"] Sewing 101 - Fabric Prep[/caption] Wash your fabric especially if you make garments! It is a hassle yes, but doing this right after you bring it home will help you when you go to sew,...Read on my friend!
Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Sewing Terms

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Sewing Terms

Sewing Terms Sewing terms or vocabulary is key to becoming a successful sewist!  Names can be confusing and challenging, especially when you are not sure their definition. It is helpful to know the definitions of a particular skill or technique. First, I am going to help you define common terms that you will see them pop-up in most patterns, online tutorials or a class. It...Read on my friend!

Houston, I Have Landed

Houston Quilt Market! I know this is a few months past.. but it took me a while to process all the amazing things/feelings that are Houston Quilt Market. The first trip is in the books,  walking through those convention doors, the mass amount of space that was in front of me, the twisting aisles of fabric, quilts, notions, clothing, tools, designers and industry professional… totally overwhelming....Read on my friend!


Changes? Changes are in the air, I am itching for a new do! I want to cut it short, just not sure how short... which are your favorites?   I really love texture and nothing super bouncy, sleek and easy to take care of and I have bangs to deal with.. so trying to find the right length + texture plus bangs... Anything stand out...Read on my friend!