Studio Move! BIG NEWS, We are Growing!

moving title card
moving title card

Where is the studio going to move to?

You might be thinking, ” Seriously, Jesy, you just moved into that space in Aug 2016! You’re already moving!!!”
And I say, “YEP!!! Bigger space, separated classroom from alterations and merchandise!  You will be able to park and walk right to the door, no more confusing parking. “

I will not miss having the parking conversation on the phone with customers, but, will be sad to say goodbye to my first space of my very own after closing Sew Dayton in August of 2016.  I want to thank Tom Knickerbocker, owner or Knickerbocker pools for giving me a chance at 4005 Dayton-Xenia Rd.

It has been a fantastic little studio where I have focused and grown the business over the last year. For that, I can never really express my gratitude for allowing me to rent from you to start my business.
Giving me a chance to follow my dreams!

Press Release – Jan 8

New Location/Timeline of the studio move!

Needle, Ink and Thread will be Moving!!
Needle, Ink and Thread will be Moving!!

So, I will be moving right down the street to the former location of the Antiques Marketplace of Beavercreek at 3491 Dayton-Xenia Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45432.  The studio will be a bit closer to Fairfield Rd. This space will allow for so much growth at Needle, Ink, and Thread.

Antiques Marketplace opened in May of 2015 sadly closed its doors on Dec 30, 2017. It was sad to find out they were closing; it’s such a weird feeling, knowing someone is approaching but excited because your business will be able to grow. It puts you in a seriously strange headspace of sadness and excitement.

I will be working on the new location, painting, etc. while transitioning from the current studio. The goal is to be up and running at the new building the last week of January. But for sure, Feb 1.  It just depends on the construction dates and completion. Keep an eye on my newsletter or Facebook page for more details.

I shot a little video of the new studio when I got the keys.

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YAY, I can’t express how excited I am!!

As a result, it is business as usual.

Once I move,  I will eventually add a second day for alterations, and over the next few months, I slowly will start carrying more sewing notions and soon fabric! Items will be easy for those who don’t want to go to a big box store to pick up, also carrying select art supplies to sell to enhance the sewing/designing experience!

So, if you sign up for a class in January it will more than likely be at 4005 Dayton-Xenia Rd. I want to make this as comfortable as possible.

Comment below with any questions or concerns, please!!


  1. <3 thank you Lisa!!! I am so excited for everyone to see it!

  2. Lisa Seibert

    This is fantastic news Jesy ~ Way to GROW!

  3. 😀 Thank you so much, Heather! I am so excited for the potential of the new space! Will you be at market this spring?

  4. Exciting news Jesy! Wishing you the best of luck during the move and a smashing success in the new space.

  5. Thank you!! I am so excited for the possibilities at this new location!

  6. Amanda

    I’m so excited for you! The classroom is HUGE! This space is perfect for all that you do.

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