Updates – Summer Class and Camps

Updates – Summer Class and Camps

Class and Camp

Classes are starting to return to the calendar as I have been working on samples between the prom dress season! Adding in some more 3-in-1 Accelerated classes (saves you $25 if you would have taken each class separately!). Get to know your machine and Unraveling the Mystery of Sewing Patterns, Weaving, and more!

I hope to help you reach your sewing goals by offering group classes and private lessons. Private lessons are great for any project that you wish to accomplish. Also, it’s perfect for those group classes that you can’t make or if you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting. In private lessons, you get to pick what we make!

Class – Group and Private

Group classes are usually a bit longer in time than a private lesson or reduced cost and a group setting. There are pre-req for you to attend, sometimes not; make sure if it’s a class you want to take to book those pre-req first!


refashion camp
refashion camp

This year I have started to plan out some fun camps/workshops for adults and children! So far, I have posted up the 3-Day Re-fashion camp for ages 12-17 and added an adult re-fashion camp!

There will be a Harry Potter camp in July (also one for adults — will be posting this up soon, keep July 9-13 open for those kiddos!)

Some sewing 101 and 102 4-week series! Even some garment workshops with full patterns!

I love teaching, and one class that I am excited to teach is the hemming class, which is one class that will save you time and money! Hemming is one of the most common alterations that I do, and lets me teach you!

I can’t wait to get everything up for this summer. Just remember to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on the camps and new classes!

What classes would you like to see added?
Could you leave me some comments below?


  1. I do! I dont have anything on the calendar at the moment but it can also be taken as a private lesson ✂

  2. Rebecca Morin

    Do you teach any classes on sergers??

  3. Kate

    Jesy, I would love to see a four week class on fitting a mature figure. There’s the ol’ dowager’s hump to be dealt with as well as a belly that’s probably bigger in diameter than my butt or my stomach. LOL!

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