Dritz 27084A Sewing Box Kit orange


Sewing Kit – Perfect gift for a new sewist! 

  • Dritz Sewing Box Kit is a plastic storage box with a removable tray. It contains all the basic supplies needed to begin your next project. Perfect for beginners or experienced sewists.- Shears – The long straight blades are designed for cutting fabric
    – Pin Magnet – Perfect storage tool for straight pins
    – Glass head Pins – Red glass heads are heat resistant and can be ironed over
    – Seam Ripper – The small blade is easy to slide up under thread to remove unwanted stitches
    – Hand Needles – Contains assorted sizes of sharp needles for basic hand sewing
    – Needle Storage Tube – Includes an internal magnet for easy storage and removal of your needles
    – Tape measure – Special markings on both sides allow you to use from either end
    – Ruler – A double-sided ruler ready to be used from either end
    – White Marking Pencil – Use the pencil to transfer pattern markings onto your fabric
    – Cherry Tomato Pin Cushion – Mini pin cushion to store your favorite pins & needles

    • Color: Blue
    • Use: Sewing Kit
    • Included: 8.5in Shears, Pin Magnet, 45 Glass head Pins – 1-1/4 in, Small Blade Seam Ripper, 15 Hand Needles, Needle Storage Tubes, 5/8 in x 60 in Tape Measure, 2in x 8in Ruler, White Marking Pencil, Cherry Tomato Pin Cushion

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Dritz sewing kit box

Dritz sewing kit is ideal for home, car, office, and more

Box- contains the basic sewing supplies re-usable plastic storage box with removable tray

Contains 8. 5Shears, pin magnet with 45 glass head 1. 25Pins, small blade seam ripper, 15 handle needles, needle storage tube, 60Tape measure, 2X 8Ruler, white marking pencil, and cherry tomato pin cushion

Most pieces are aqua blue

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 6.5 × 9.2 in

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