Harry Potter Inspired Camp – Year 1 Sorcerer’s Stone – July 8-12th 10 am-1:30 pm daily!


Harry Potter Summer Camp   Sorcerer’s Stone

If you did not attend this camp last year this is the one you’re going to want!

Each year we will add a new year full of fun new projects!

We will be sewing, crafting, and drawing!

Ages: 8 – 17

All supplies needed for this camp, are included in the class fee! Just bring a snack!

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Harry Potter Camp Please feel free to have your kids dress up!! 

Each day we will have pop quizzes for the first book! All questions will be related to the Sorcerer’s Stone!  Also after projects are completed I will have mini crafts/worksheets/coloring pages for students to work on to keep them busy while others are finishiNg.

The house with the most points at the end of the week will get free admission to one Kids Night In! Make sure to start reading to freshen up on your HP knowledge!

Day one – First we will have the students cross the 9 3/4 platform into Hogwarts, next onto the Sorting hat – 2 kids per house!  We will make house crests from felt and a simple cotton cape!

Day two – Sorcerer’s Stone – we will create our own! The campers will learn about Nicholas Flamel and what the Sorcerer’s Stone does and why you know who wants it! We will make custom wands as well!

Day three –  Students will make a felt plushie pet ( owl, cat, rat, toad, etc).  Fresh sash lavender will be provided for those that want to make their plushie smell good!

Day four –   it’s a SUPRISE!

Day five  Last day  -We will watch the movie! Popcorn and Harry Potter Sugar cookies will be provided as well as easy crafts for campers to work on while the movie is on!

Ages: 8 – 17

Snack daily – please bring (no nuts/peanut butter)
Sewing Machine – if you have one – please bring

Supplies provided by the instructor:
All supplies for projects are provided and included in the registration fee

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