Erin O'Mara

Erin O’Mara

About three and a half years ago (2012), I decided to dust off my Aunt's old sewing machine and learn to sew. I set up a private lesson with Jesy when she was at Sew Dayton and it was one of the best decisions I have made. In our first private lesson, Jesy taught me how to use my machine-how to thread it, clean it,...Read on my friend!

Jessica Dobbs

I have taken several group and private sewing lessons with Jesy including machine basics, alterations, dress making, and hand embroidery. Each time I complete a lesson I leave feeling confident, encouraged, and full of excitement for all that I can create. Jesy is an excellent teacher who is clear, kind, and an absolute blast to be around. Jesy is truly an energy giver and makes...Read on my friend!
Crissy Lauterbach

Crissy Lauterbach

Jesy is a patient and kind sewing teacher. She was able to break down the process of sewing scarves for my 9-year-old stepdaughter and not only explained how to sew, but lead us through each step. Jesy will show you how to do it, but makes you do the work while she guides you. Her passion for sewing and people is a true joy to...Read on my friend!
Eliza Lemmenes

Eliza Lemmenes

I moved to Dayton in August of 2014 and immediately started taking lessons at Sew Dayton. Since then I have taken several private lessons with Jesy. My favorite would have to be the tank top dress she helped me make. Each time I learn something new about sewing. I've made so many amazing things working with Jesy. My sewing skills have increased so much with...Read on my friend!
Danielle Deramo

Danielle D’Eramo

I took a private class with Jesy on turning big bulky t-shirts into custom fit tee's. It was so much fun using their awesome new machines that sew and trim in one step! Jesy is a great teacher with a positive attitude and lots of energy. Danielle D'Eramo,

Sarah Babcock

I have taken several classes with Jesy and each time she has helped me sew something beautiful. She is so patient and encouraging during each step of the process. Her knowledge is real world, you can tell she LOVES what she does. Sarah Babcock, Owner Sarah Babcock Wedding Photography Studio
Lauren White

Lauren White

When my grandmother passed I found a sewing machine still in the box, never used. I've always sewn by hand so I thought it would be cool to try to use the machine. I tried YouTube first, but it was hard for me to follow. When I took it to Sew Dayton Jesy made it so simple, even with an outdated machine that isn't made...Read on my friend!

Amy Kollar Anderson

I used to play around with my Grandmother's sewing machine when I was young, but I had no formal training. I decided to take a private lesson with Jesy instead of a class, because there were specific techniques that I wanted to learn (though I think the classes look like fun too!). Jesy taught me how to make the zippered pouches that I now sell...Read on my friend!