BIG NEWS! We are moving to a bigger space!

Future Site of Needle, Ink and Thread
Future Site of Needle, Ink and Thread

Moving to a bigger space!

I know I made this announcement a little more than two years ago. Still, due to the world’s pandemic and restrictions on businesses, my current unique space will no longer be a place I can rent; the person I sublease from, Decoy Art Center, will be closing their brick and mortar, so I needed to find a new spot. It’s crazy how something like a pandemic can make you reevaluate a lot in life. I have been lucky that the studio has held on and shone.

My new address will be 2290 Patterson Road, Kettering, OH 45420. Dot’s Supermarket center! At this time, I should be in this space after Dec 25th. I will not be back open till mid-January, I will put a post up to announce the more firm dates once those are calculated, and a timeline is an a bit more set.

New Classes – Moving will now let us include life skills aka Home Ec. classes

Once they move to the new studio is open to the public, we will have more open hours, retail, and further excellent life skills workshops! I have been toying with some new community-oriented classes.
Sewing and Crafts! My love is teaching the community to sew!!

Basic budgeting – budgeting your money and saving for a rainy day.

Your financial credit, how to make it work for you, why it’s essential to know about credit, how to use it, and why it’s necessary to keep good credit.

Basic cooking demos and workshops – At first, it will be more demo style, and we will slowly integrate live classes that students will cook simultaneously. I am currently researching the necessary permits/products to open this up as an interactive class!

Homeownership, dos, and don’ts. How to get the house of your dreams! What maintenance you should be doing monthly, yearly, etc.. or if you’re getting ready to sell, what do you need to do.

Art classes! Fun group classes incorporating arts and crafts!

I will also continue to have sewing lessons, which is one of my favorite things to do!

A LOT of new things are coming, and we are so excited to have you visit! We want to help our community!

Questions about us moving?

I will keep posting about the updates, so you can watch the studio change and become extraordinary. We have a long-term lease and plan on diving in as soon as we can! Check back and feel free to ask questions below in the comment section regarding classes you would love to see!

I will be closed the first 2-3 weeks of January (hopefully 1-2, not three weeks) to get the shop moved and set up. Painted and ready! I am so excited to move to this location, be a little more central, and offer so many more types of classes!

Once I have a Grand Opening date and get the private lessons up on the site, I will announce. I am sorry for the short closure. This year hasn’t been an average year so, I think we are right on point. I can’t wait for you to see the new space!!!

IF you would like to have a virtual class when I am moving the studio, please let me know and get that setup!


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