infinity scarf tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial – Great Beginner Project – Step by Step Photos

Tutorial - Beginner Project - Infinity Scarf Infinity Scarves are all the rage these days, layers during the winter provide warmth and comfort. But did you know instead of paying those prices you can make one for more than half the cost and your favorite fabrics! We will walk through the process to build a simple tube scarf from a rayon fabric. This process will...Read on my friend!
Adam Grant

Giver or Taker?

Which are you? "Giver" or "Taker"?  This is a fantastic question and often overlooked when working, we all see it but do we do anything about it? Most of us find we are on or the other, I am definitely a "giver", I put everyone else's needs before my own. It is a generous and good thing to do except when it's at the cost of ones "self"....Read on my friend!