Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Basic Sewing Kit

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Basic Sewing Kit

Essential Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is essential when learning to sew, and it’s great to start a  super basic sewing kit. You can always add to this list, bringing in tools that will help you save time. But to get you started, we will go over the necessary items, and then I will be sharing some of my favorite tools.

Sewing Kit Essentials

Basic Sewing Kit (5 of 27)A  container is a great place to start when putting your sewing kit together! A sewing basket or drawers are ideal.

When taking classes, it’s nice to have all your items together and ready to use. Missing things can slow down even the easiest of tasks.

Also, an excellent and reliable machine (if you don’t have one yet) is the Brother CS6000i; I have one and have used it for the last six years. It’s fantastic and even comes with a walking foot and extension table!

Items to include in a sewing kit:

  • Two pairs of scissors
    • an inexpensive pair for crafting
    • good quality pair of fabric shears (I suggest KAI N5230)
  • Straight Pins – Glass head or the thicker Quilters Pins
  • Pin Cushion – magnetically remarkable!
  • A fiberglass tape measure
  • Marking tools include tailor chalk, vanishing ink markers, or washable markers from your kid’s coloring stash.
  • A seam gauge is an excellent tool for accurately measuring and tracing straight lines like darts.
  • A seam ripper – All new seam rippers are sharp and precise. Make sure to change your seam ripper every month or two; it will save you time!
  • Hand sewing needles – a nice assortment to fit various sewing needs
  • Sewing Machine Needles – Keep a stash of the most commonly used needles. Size 12 is your primary “go-to” needle, Size 14 is for thicker fabrics like canvas, and Size 10 is for lightweight materials.
    • Make sure you change your machine needle every 6-8 hours of sewing (with conventional cotton) more often if you are sewing wool, fleece, denim, or felt.
  • Extra Machine Bobbins – it’s always good to have a set of additional bobbins for that last-minute thread change. Make sure that they go with your machine; all bobbins are not equal! They are not that expensive.

Advanced Sewing Kit

Some extra goodies to have in your kit!

  1. Pressing Ham & Seam Roll
  2. Snap Tool
  3. See-Thru  Ruler
  4. 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge
  5. Turner
  6. Clapper
  7. French Curve Set

One last thing

You can have many more goodies in your kits; don’t be fooled by gimmicky tools, and do your research before purchasing! I have spent some real money on things that didn’t help me do my work, but they were shiny and cute.

XOXO ~Jesy

What is your favorite sewing tool?

Final words:

Thanks for your support! The entirety of the blog is my opinion, and I have not compensated in any way for my review or recommendations. Please also note there are affiliate links that help run this blog.

I believe in blog transparency and letting you know everything about making or creating content.

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