Muslin, Yes or No? The Who, What, When

Muslin, Yes or No? The Who, What, When
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Wearable Muslin

who, what, when, where and why

Do you make a muslin before cutting into your favorite bit of fabric? Are you comfortable just winging it and hoping it fits?
This post is all about muslin, what it is, why we use it when to use it.  With more indie patterns released weekly, we need to talk about sizing and fit issues that may arise.

Hopefully, this post will be a reference to the most important question!

What is wearable muslin

noun: muslin; plural noun: muslins
lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave.

Why make a one?

A practice dress, (garment) a chance to work of fitting or sewing technique kinks before cutting into a delicious or unique piece of fabric.
A way to fix fit issues in this step and to use the knowledge gained to create a garment that the fit is flattering and repeatedly used for producing the same clothing.
Making a muslin equals predictable results in a fit of a garment.

When to make a wearable muslin

You want to make a wearable muslin when you are using a new pattern, especially Indie Patterns. When using Indie Patterns (unless familiar with the designer), do yourself a favor to make a wearable muslin, then this will make sure the actual size of the garment.

Since Indie Patterns do not have governance on sizing consistency, there is no standard for the Big Box Patterns.  So, sizes will range slightly from designer to designer, ranging from small or more significant than the standard patterns.  Same with the height of garments, the fit models can vary drastically from 4ft to 6ft. So the adjustment of bodice and leg length and change.

Who makes them?

For those who want to fix any fit issues before using their suitable fabrics, those who always need to adjust the significant box patterns for FBA or length, it will be for the maker’s benefit to work out those kinks first.   You also learn new techniques and ways to put the pattern together from each designer; this will possibly show you a shortcut or a new skill you didn’t know before. Using a muslin will allow you to practice this before your suitable fabrics, leading to sadness or regret.

I was entirely against it in the beginning, but the more I have started making garments for myself, I have learned the total benefit of the undertaking of making a muslin. Also, I now usually suggest that customers make a muslin first when switching to Indie Patterns from the Big Box.  They have come back in thanking me since they realized all the patterns had an extensive range of sizing.

Where to use muslin

Wherever you want, it is up to you! With this technique, it’s your choice.

You figure what works best for you and go for it. Sewing is fun and full of new skills and learning. You will learn something new every day in this field; it’s constantly evolving and is coming back! We are lucky to have the resources we have now, and the knowledge learned through teachers, blogs, and our family.

Tell me if you like to make a wearable muslin, when or if it helped you with fit or techniques.

Do you like these types of blog posts?

Leave a comment; I love to read and respond to them!

XOXO, Jesy


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