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Sewing Studio News

Studio Move! BIG NEWS, We are Growing!

You might be thinking, ” Seriously Jesy, you just moved into that space Aug 2016! You’re already moving!!!”
And I say “YEP!!! Bigger space, separated¬†classroom from alterations and merchandise!¬† You will be able to park and walk right to the door, no more confusing parking. Then where do I go? Then I get the phone call; I am in the parking lot… where is your door?”


Call for Contributors! DIY, Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews – Applications Closed

No.. exposure doesn’t pay your bills. Exposure doesn’t make me feel like I am helping you build your portfolio. Paying you in exposure is something that would make me feel bad. That is why I have waited till I had a little nest egg to pay my contributors for their time and energy. You will get exposure as well as payment, which, to me is a win-win for the both of us.

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