Call for Contributors! DIY, Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews – Applications Closed

Call for Contributors! DIY, Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews – Applications Closed

Writers/Creatives Contributors Needed!

I am finally to the point of hiring some content contributors! I have planned, saving, plotting, updating and so much more for the last 8 months!  This process has been long, with a lot of going back to the “drawing board” to ensure that I have all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I wanted to save up and make sure that those that provide content to the site are paid for their time.

“Contributors Exposure vs. Contributors Paid”

No… exposure doesn’t pay your bills. Exposure doesn’t make me feel like I am helping you build your portfolio. Paying you for exposure is something that would make me feel bad. That is why I waited until I had a little nest egg to pay my contributors for their time and energy. You will get exposure and payment, which, to me, is a win-win for both of us.


Right now, building a list of those that would like to be considered, you do not have to have experience as a blogger. Even if you have not been a contributor before, that is OK; I want people who have a passion for being creative and want to help others find their own creative passion. This blog needs those that want to excite and encourage people to be creative in a fun environment.

So, you have decided to try your hand as a content creator!

Awesome! Here is the information that I need from you!”

Would you mind copying and pasting the bolded info below this into the body of the email


Commitment: How many articles do you want to commit to?
Once a month, Every other month, a few times a year? 

Your mediums of choice: 
How long you have worked in those mediums:

Writing experience?
Do you have a blog? If so, what is the address:
Have you been a guest blogger somewhere? please link:

Photography skills? Video? Graphics?
Are you able to photograph your projects with crisp, well-light photography? or video?

Use this contact form below for your convenience!

Removed – from 9-10-17 

Final Process

When will you stop taking applications?
I will keep the application process open until Sunday, September 10, at 5 PM EST.

Once the application process has closed, I will take a look at all the applications and information. I will contact everyone regardless if you made this call out or not. Right now, I am looking for 2 people who can commit to one article a month, 2-3 that can do bi-monthly, and 3-5 that can commit to pop-up content. I am looking for all aspects of fiber arts, cooking/baking, DIY, tutorials, video content, pattern/book reviews, interviews with designers (fabric, patterns, notions, etc.). My goal is to be a resource for those that have an interest in fiber arts!


Payments will be on a sliding scale depending on the project type, video vs. photos, review vs. DIY/tutorial, interview, etc. Also, I am going to start carrying some limited fabrics and patterns soon. I am starting the ordering process now for that. If I need a pattern review, I will send fabric and pattern, and you will be compensated in fabric/pattern and some monetary payment.

We will discuss content payment once the contributors have been chosen and we work out the commitment details.

Like I said. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone, and in this industry, we need creative inspiration from beginner creatives to advance.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


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