Alterations near me –

The studio will no longer be doing alterations with the new business plan.  However! Here are some great local seamsters that do! I highly recommend all of these seamsters! Some will take special orders and custom orders to make garments. Please check out each of their websites to find the best fit for you!

Prairie Rose & Marigold

Tracy’s Sewing Studio

I’m Sew Blessed


At this time, please let them know I sent ya!

Alterations near me

Want to learn to do your alterations? It’s not that hard! I can teach you in private lessons or a group class! Once you learn to sew your alterations, you will save money, not have to wait 1-2 weeks for your garment back, and you will have a sense of accomplishment through self-sufficiency!

Private lessons are perfect for those that want to learn specific skills regarding alterations. Some widespread alterations are super simple and will allow your clothing to shine on your body.

Tailoring can help elevate your look, as well as once you understand essential items, you can even start doing them for others and make a little extra income on the side. Alterations are time-consuming and take practice, but you will always have work if you can become proficient at doing them!

It’s tough to find suitable alterations specialists as well as seeing their period, the decline of home economics meant fewer people are learning to sew or cook, and we want to change that for sure! We want to show you how to sew and learn a skill that you will always provide for yourself and others! The pandemic showed us how much this skill needs to be taught and learned. It’s also a skill that machines have not automated! Someone has sewed every item you touch that has stitching. And I think that is pretty cool!