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HomeschoolMASKS are required for everyone entering the studio

Do you homeschool? Are you looking for fun and new art projects or basic life skills? I have built some classes around what I have been previously asked to teach.  I can always add and update or even create a special class for your group!

With different groups I try hard to make it very affordable, please keep in mind that with the sewing classes children should be able to work independently and not need full supervision, I ask if any student needs special assistance to notify me so we can work out a plan. I want to make sure everyone gets a great experience!

Homeschool –
Ages 3-5 >> Sensory inspired classes – 30- 45 min sessions – Parents will need to assist during class

Fork Weaving – $5 each child (2 kids allowed per 1 parent) – Parents will need to assist the child during this class
Button Art – $7 each child – Hot Gluing (low temp glue) buttons to cardstock in a design

Ages 5+ >> Hand sewing classes (min 6 students/ max 10 students)

Hand Sewing classes are perfect for the new sewists.

Pincushion – $30 per student / 1.25 hour class / all supplies included
Scrunchie – $20 per student /  45 min class/supplies for up to 2 scrunchies (1 in class and 1 to take home to make again)
Basic Weaving – $25 per student/1.5-hour class/ supplies included (cardboard loom will be prepped for weaving prior to class)
Finger Knitting – $15 per student/ 1.25 hour class/ supplies included
Hand Embroidery Sampler (ages 8+) – $30 per student/2.5-hour class/ Supplies to bring: 6″ embroidery hoop, 1 embroidery needle, and 1 skein of embroidery floss. (Kits can be purchased for $7 each, please advise how many you will need at registration as we make these to order)

Ages 10+ >> Machine sewing (min 4 students/ max 6 students — up to 8 if you have machines to bring)

Machine sewing is so much fun! This is for older students!

Sewing 101 – $35 per student/1.5-hour class / Sewing Kit must be brought with them for class. ALL STUDENTS are required to take this class, this is an intro to sewing which will allow the below projects to be completed in the booked time.
Totebag – $35 per student/ 2 hour class/ bring supplies (2x 1/2 yard quilting cotton and matching spool of thread)
10×10  Pillow – $35 per student/ 1.25 hour class / supplies included
Unlined Zip Pouch – $32.95 per student/ 1.5 hour class / supplies included

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