Girl Scouts Classes & Pricing

Sewing Girl Scouts classes

I have some fun projects we can do to help them learn the wonderful world of sewing!
I am always open to discussing projects that might not be listed, but maybe the troop wants to try.

Contact me for more details and info.

Girl Scouts Classes – Sewing Patches onto Sashes! (all levels)

$18/scout 1.5-hour class (min 4, max 8 – Leader or sibling can be present to make min)
We will sew patches with the sewing machine! Please bring your thread; I can provide the machines. We have eight machines. There must be at least two parents/leaders present to help with students; it’s preferred for scouts to have already taken the Sewing 101 class, so they understand how to use the machine before class as this can make the course more difficult/less efficient if they have to learn how to use the device first. We can’t gar

Sewing 101 (Ages 8+)

$30/scout 1.75-hour class (min 4, max 8 – Leader or sibling can be present to make min)
This workshop is all about the sewing machine and how to use it. We will cover filing a bobbin, threading, needles (sizes and more), the anatomy of the sewing machine, and so much more! The scouts will practice sewing on sewing sheets getting comfortable staying on a line/mark. The scouts will receive handouts during the class for them to keep.

Book Binding Workshop  (Cadet Badge)

$25/scout 2-hour class (min 5, max 10 – Leader or sibling can be present to make min)
This workshop will hit on all needed points for the binding badge. The troop will learn about different types of bindings, how they are used, how to repair the binding and more!
Each scout will create 2 notebooks using the sewing machine and hand stitching to bind!
All supplies are included.

Hand Sewing – Embroidery (Ages 7+)

$25/scout 2.5-hour class (min 5, max 12 – Leader or sibling can be present to make min)
Learn the basic embroidery stitches. We sew a sampler, which will teach them the different stitches. Students will learn the running stitch, backstitch, slip stitch, french knot, and seed stitch.
Students will need to bring a 6-inch hoop, an embroidery needle, and one skein of embroidery floss.
Kit’s can be purchased for $9.00 (please let us know how many kits you would like to purchase before class).
The studio will provide a sampler for the scouts to sew on with designs preprinted.