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This is your account! Welcome to the Needle, Ink, and Thread Family!

Here is where you will find your downloads, classes, receipts of purchases. You can edit your biography and who you are! If you have any gift cards, you can check the balance! Update your passwords, name, address, billing, and such. This is your home on my site, and I am happy to give you space 🙂

Customer Account info

All of the info you need to come to classes, check your orders and more! Make sure to keep your info up to date, check your downloads often for any files needed to be printed for class. If you are missing info please let the admin know and we will make sure you have everything you need to be successful!

Class Waiver info

Please make sure to fill out your wavier and bring it with you for your classes, this verifies you have gone over class policies and agree/disagree with photo’s being used on social media. The waiver gives permission for us to use photo’s from classes to promote those classes either for future classes or for the class that you were in.

Policies and Reschedules/Cancels

The class policies to get to know what is needed in order for your class to be rescheduled. Look under the booking section. You are allowed 1 reschedule, after the first one you will need to make sure you are following the policies for sickness, conflicting schedules, rescheduling and such. You must contact the shop with at least 4 days notice to be able to reschedule.

You can reschedule your class here in this section of your account, if the class has the edit feature you are still within the cutoff to reschedule.

If you do not see the ability to edit your class, you will need to contact me via email asap to see if I can get someone to take your spot, if I am able to schedule someone else at the orginal time you booked, you will be able to make that class up (following the rescheduling rules). If I am unable to fill your assigned class then your time if foriet.

However you are allowed to gift or transfer your class to someone else, just please let me know who will be coming in your place.

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