infinity scarf tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial – Great Beginner Project – Step by Step Photos

Tutorial - Beginner Project - Infinity Scarf Infinity Scarves are all the rage these days, layers during the winter provide warmth and comfort. But did you know instead of paying those prices you can make one for more than half the cost and your favorite fabrics! We will walk through the process to build a simple tube scarf from a rayon fabric. This process will...Read on my friend!

Video: Hand Embroidery – How to Use A Heat Transfer Pen

Heat Transfer Pen for Hand Embroidery  How to Use a Transfer Pen Using a transfer pen takes a few things, a great pen with a fine tip, tracing paper, heat, and pressure. This video will help you get solid results each time you transfer your images. One of my favorite references for anything embroidery related, I check out with Sublime Stitching suggests. Jenny Hart has the most...Read on my friend!
pattern roundup 1- easy patterns to start sewing clothing

Pattern RoundUp – 10 Easy Patterns to Start Sewing Clothing

Ten Garment Patterns for Beginner Seamsters If you are just getting started with garment construction, this post will be a reference for you during your creative journey. However, these patterns are in no particular order; but they are all patterns that will help you hone your skills along the way. I am giving you my top ten.. (actually a few more) to help you start sewing garments with confidence! Purl Soho - City...Read on my friend!
fabric prep

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Fabric Prep

All About Fabrics! We all love fabric, or we wouldn’t be sewing.  This post will help you with some of your fabric care and prep. Prep [caption id="attachment_797" align="alignright" width="483"] Sewing 101 - Fabric Prep[/caption] Wash your fabric especially if you make garments! It is a hassle yes, but doing this right after you bring it home will help you when you go to sew,...Read on my friend!
sewing machine maintenance

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance - Is your sewing machine happy? Sewing machine maintenance is a vital part of sewing.  Do you know where to clean, how often to clean, where to begin? Fear not, we will go through some basic machine maintenance; this will make you and your sewing machine very happy. Supplies Needed: Machine Manual Tweezers Brush Screwdriver or machine key Paper Towel or Microfiber Cloth...Read on my friend!
Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Sewing Terms

Sewing Series ~ Sewing 101 ~ Sewing Terms

Sewing Terms Sewing terms or vocabulary is key to becoming a successful sewist!  Names can be confusing and challenging, especially when you are not sure their definition. It is helpful to know the definitions of a particular skill or technique. First, I am going to help you define common terms that you will see them pop-up in most patterns, online tutorials or a class. It...Read on my friend!