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sewing 101 kids learn
sewing 101 kids learn

Summer Camp – WDTN – Living Dayton

I can never thank them enough for having me on the show! There are still spots left for the Upcycle camp! This camp will focus on the basic sewing techniques that will help students become successful in sewing. Each day they will learn how to take a regular item of clothing and transform it into something new!  Kids will bring items that they no longer wear or fit in! Taking items that might land in a landfill and breath new life into it!

New Summer Camps for this year!

The Kids Learn to Sew June 25-29th! Students will learn how to use the sewing machine in the first class each day. We will make items that will solidify the previous day’s teaching and build on those skills; after a week of camp, the students should feel confident to start sewing harder or more challenging projects but be grounded in the basic techniques to help power through; the more in-depth projects! This camp really is focused on building the skills needed to be successful!

Harry Potter camp still has a few spots as well which we had to schedule a second camp due to demand! Which is awesome!!! I love Harry Potter, and this camp will be a week of “magic,” working with three small businesses; your child will see a few other creative options for a possible path. Decoy Art Center, Barmaid Soap Company, and I have collaborated for a fun week of kids’ creative play/adventures! We have so much fun with the house cup and end-of-class prizes! Each student gets to be sorted into a house with a partner the week of camp and answer Harry Potter-inspired questions for a chance to win a free kids night in at the studio or private lesson! SEW FUN!


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