2015 Year in Review – My life, Good Year to Sew

2015 Year in Review – My life, Good Year to Sew
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A Good Year! – 2015 Year in Review

This year is almost over; months keep ticking away!  Projects to sew, friends to stay in touch with, blog posts to write, and spending time with the family.

Then at the shop, this is the time where we go a little crazy, but in the best way possible. A lot of alterations, classes, host events, and so much more.

The shop has morphed so much in the last three years, we are super excited to see it expand and grow as well as offer new classes

2015 Year in Review – Here is a highlight reel!

This year was about so much, friendships, pattern testing, going outside my comfort zone with sewing, traveling, putting myself out there more. A healthier lifestyle, losing a little weight and becoming more confident. This post is my review, my memory of accomplishments and friendships made 🙂

I made a bunch of custom makes for friends and customers. From bowties to full-on dresses, this year, I tried to stretch my skills. Lots of pattern testing, jeans, shirts, skirts, kids’ clothing, shorts, and more. 2015 was all about connections and community.

Fashion Shows

Clash fashion show went on again without a hitch; I love working with Mary and local sewists and brands. I am not a made to measure or designer by any means; that part isn’t a boat floater for me, but teaching a person… that is my jam.

I love the creative friends and communities that I have been able to make and foster this year. It’s been a lot of up and down. Being creative, it’s hard not to get burnt out; changing a little of your routine is a great way to keep that from happening.

Here is a highlight reel of a sort of 2015. Bring on 2016!


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