Houston, I Have Landed

Houston Quilt Market!

I know this is a few months past.. but it took me a while to process all the fantastic things/feelings that are Houston Quilt Market.

The first trip is in the books,  walking through those convention doors, the mass amount of space that was in front of me, the twisting aisles of fabric, quilts, notions, clothing, tools, designers, and industry professionals… Overwhelming. But exciting and inspiring at the same time.


Day 1

I got to meet up with Yolanda from Sew! She owns a shop in the burbs of Houston, where she teaches people to sew.  Her shop is a lot like ours except she doesn’t have retail hours, it’s by appointment (or at least it was when I was writing this.)  Her shop is full of color and light; it’s beautiful and inspiring. Yolanda has been sewing since she was little and has brought something unusual to her community!


She took me to her shop and showed me around Houston, then took me to the convention center and met up with me for Fabric 2.0.  If you are in ever in Houston, you really should check out her studio!

Got myself registered, then went to look for everyone. Then realized I was on the wrong side of the convention center, started walking towards the right side and was looking for Sandi Sawa Hazelwood, who is The Crafty Planner, she runs the coolest podcast! It was also, her first quilt market.

Got to meet the fantastic Sandi Hazelwood (Crafty Planner) at Quilt Market

As we were trying to figure out where I was standing and where she was sitting;  I became sidetracked by Sara Lawson, of Sew Sweetness (which was so awesome!!).  I sat down and ended out talking to her for about 2 hours to all the fantastic designers, authors and more that would come through. Also, met Kim Niedzwiecki from My Go-Go Life, she works for Aurifil and is super fun! It made the ice breaking much easier!

Went to Fabric 2.0, which is a meet and greet of the professionals that were attending the market. I met so many amazing people while networking. Arleen from Birch Organics FINALLY met up with Sandi, Vanessa of Crafty Gemini, Art Gallery folks, Lucky Spool authors, Yolanda from Sew, and of course Brenda and the Pink Castle Fabrics Group.

I know that there were so many others I met this night. I am so sorry if I missed you <3



It is the most fantastic experience you can imagine if you love fabric, notions, tools, new techniques, and books!.. (and so far more)

I was thus emerged in my experience on the market, that I forgot to take a lot of photos. I am trying to live more at the moment, instead of having to document all my adventures. Plus it was my first year at market, so I wasn’t sure of the proper etiquette. I didn’t want to be in people’s faces trying to snap photo’s all of the time.

I walked around Market with Sandi; we met up with a few designers, pattern makers, and authors. I learned SO much on that one day about the industry the people and how crazy and fantastic everything is at the same time.  Block printing at the Lucky Spool booth and meet Krista Fleckenstein author of Beyond Cotton. Then, I met up with the Birch Organics group again at their fantastic booth, some onesies from all of their organic cotton knits, were phenomenal!

Lizzy House showed me all of her new substrates that were coming out through Andover Fabric; I bumped into Jamie and Amber of Fancy Tiger Craft.  Anita from Sew to Speak, Violet Craft, Heather Givens from Crimson Tate.. just have to say I was a kid in a candy store!

Again I know a lot of names missing from this post. I apologize~ <3 send me an email, and I will update!

Day 3 – Back to Ohio

The whole day 2, it was raining in Houston. Day 3 – the trip back home was no different. We were getting some crazy amounts of rain! Luckily I was able to get to my plane and leave on time. Did you know that in Houston, the highways are under sea level.. so they fill up quick when there is a lot of water? Alas, I was on my plan by 6:15 and back home in Dayton, OH by 3 pm EST.

First Trip to Houston! On my way home!

The trip is something that I will be striving to go to year after year. It’s nothing but a HUGE benefit for small shops like ours.

Spring Market is in May, and I will be taking my short vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah this spring to reunite with my kindred spirits in sewing. If you can go to the quilt market, I would highly recommend it as a small business owner. It’s always great to meet the designers, pattern makers, and employees that you talk to all the time when ordering.  It makes a huge difference.



The owner of Needle, Ink and Thread, Located in Kettering, Ohio. I love teaching, it really is my passion. The "lightbulb" moments are my favorite! I am so excited to share my passion for sewing, design, and art with you! I was also a former co-owner of Sew Dayton.