Sencha Top – Colette – Pattern Review

Sencha Top – Colette – Pattern Review

Sencha Top by Colette

Colette patterns are great for the newer seamstress; I made this top in the spring of 2014.  This pattern is fun and has fantastic instructions; it is a great pattern to help increase your technical skills.  I would highly recommend this design if you feel comfortable with darts, facings, and buttons. If not, practice a little, maybe make a Washi Dress Trillium Dress by Made by Rea.

I picked up this pattern by Colette named Sencha from Sew Dayton, along with and fabric by Bonnie Christine and called Sweet As Honey made by Art Gallery Fabrics.

This pattern I would classify as an advanced beginner due to the darts and buttons.  But don’t let it stop you from trying it out. After I made this, I realized the fit was great but not for my body type, so I gave it to a friend.

Fitting and the Sencha Top

Sewing will make you look at your body and be comfortable understanding how clothes fit.  I have learned through this process that I like patterns that are not conducive to my body type, and I am still figuring out what flatters my shape. It’s a journey, but one that you will enjoy!

Below is some shots of making the garment and figuring out my size. I tend to not take photos of myself in my makes. This one fit great, it was fun and honestly, the buttons were not bad, this shirt the buttons go down the back. You can always use snaps as well!

XOXO — Jesy

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