• -Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i,_

    Get to Know Your Machine – Sewing Basics!

    Learn the basics of sewing on a machine? Has your machine been collecting dust on a table or hidden way back in the closet? Have you wanted to learn just didn’t know where to take lessons? **Don’t forget if you want to take this class and the next one is too far away, try a private lesson! This intro to sewing class is the perfect way to get your feet wet or dust them off! You will learn about the machine, threading, and accessories. Please make sure to print off the downloads and bring to class with you Prerequisites: Ages: 13 and older Max Students: 4  What you will take away from…

  • Sewing Basics, Reading Patterns & Pillowcase!

    A combo workshop! This class is an accelerated class for those who want to start sewing! We will begin with Getting to Know Your Machine, Sewing Basics. We will then move to Demystifying Patterns, Unraveling the mystery of  Sewing Patterns then to finish the class we will use a sewing pattern to use to confirm all we learned earlier in our course and make a pillowcase.

  • Alterations / Open Studio Time

    Alterations by appointment and Open Studio time/ Open Sew - Come to the studio to rent my sewing machine for $5/hr, or if you have questions or need assistance, it's $10/hr (it is not a private lesson).I will not be instructing you through a project. This time is to ask questions while sewing if you are stuck. You will need to bring your supplies (examples, needles, and thread for the machines), but you will have access to my ironing board/cutting stations. Saves you money and time.