Weighted Buddy Blankets – Thank you to all that helped!!

Weighted Buddy Blankets – Thank you to all that helped!!

Buddy Blankets

On April 1st, we held another Buddy Blankets event at the studio, headed up by the amazing Kelly Dailey of the Funk Lab Dance Center in Kettering!  A few years ago, I taught her how to make a weighted blanket when one of my friends wanted to have one made for his cousin. She started cranking them out for local families, donating them, and making sure families had what they needed to help soothe their children!

A few years ago, when Sew Dayton closed and I opened up Needle, Ink, and Thread, we did this event a few times, making over 45 blankets for the community! I am and always will be honored to help with this charitable sewing project. I know, that these help those with sensery issues, it makes me happy to know that we are giving back.

In three hours, we made 11 weighted blankets and shells for about 7-8 more! We were blessed by Busy Kids Gym owners and Adam Spangler; they donated so many weighted poly pellets for the event(s)! That was a HUGE help! Thank you so much!!

Bubble Tea! – Billie Gold and buddy blankets

As a bonus, Billie Gold Bubble Tea was at the studio and offered a special for those that donated fabric for the first hour! She was busy all the way till the end of the event! It was so cool, and we were so happy to have them at the studio; and seriously, have you tried Billie Gold Bubble Tea yet?

NO?! Oh my, you really need to find out where they will be next with the truck! SOOO GOOD!

Thank you!

Thank you to all that came out and sewed, donated, or encouraged this event! It means a lot to us, and we are so happy!! Keep your ear opened for the next event! Till then, collaboration over competition, get so much more done working together!


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