ARTFest is this weekend! Sun. Sept 16th, 11-6 PM


Come to ARTfest This Weekend

ARTFest is located along Creekside Bike path next to a gorgeous pond! Shop from handcrafted artisans, feast by the food trucks, listen to local musicians, watch dancers and watch performances by local organizations. This is a day to celebrate community in the arts!

A creative festival for local artisans and organizations to cultivate an appreciation of the arts to the public through their handmade products. Ask the artisans about the intriguing processes in which their art is made.

We welcome organizations that want to create art with the public through hands-on or experience stations that capture their mission’s essence.

Face painting, Henna, Interactive art booths, demos, artisans booths, food trucks, dancers, music, and much fun! Come and celebrate the talent we have in our community!

Girl Scouts will be out and making a physical artpiece putting cultures and backgrounds in the forefront, it’s a cool interactive yarn installation you can help build. Also interactive art pieces you are able to pose and create photography art as well!

Sponsor – ArtFest

Needle, Ink, and Thread is a proud sponsor of the Mural Machine’s Art Garden! Thanks to the enrollment of summer camps, I could give back to the community that has been so welcoming to me! I am so excited to see the art by the Mural Machine!

I love and adore the 2 shining artists of the mural machine, a joint business collaboration between Chris “Etch” and Tiffany Clark. They have been collectively muralzing the downtown landscapes with their artwork! The two have a different style that beautifully and violently entermingle.

Proud Sponsor
Proud Sponsor
artfest sponsor needle ink and thread
artfest sponsor needle ink and thread
artfest sponsor needle ink and thread
artfest sponsor needle ink and thread


Community Park in Beavercreek will host the 3rd Annual ARTFest!
11 AM – 6 PM


Volunteer! We are still looking for some assistance!


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