Heartbreak for Dayton OH – My Hometown…

My heart breaks for dayton ohio
heartbroken for my city, dayton ohio..

Dayton Strong

As many of you wake this morning to the news of another mass shooting, this time it hit home and too close to home for me.. Dayton is my town, my home… I have lived here my whole life (pretty much missed a year or two here and there when I was little.)

My first sewing studio was located in the heart of the Oregon District, where the shooting took place at 1 am, August 4th, 2019…

Please tell those you love and care about that you do, tell strangers, tell people you don’t care for that much that you are still happy they are here and alive.

Keep Dayton in your prayers… and I hope this stops.. this needless killing needs to stop.

My heart breaks for dayton ohio

What can you do to help?

Write your elected officials, make sure they know you don’t want this to continue. They need to pass legislation to keep people safe. We shouldn’t hear about these mass shootings daily; we are not that nation… we have become it, though. How does this continue to happen?

We need to have more background checks, we need to make sure that anyone with a violent past isn’t allowed to posses a gun. Requiring training and certifications, like we do for drivers license, people should have to pass a psych test… why are we not trying to fix these issues?

We need to hold our officials accountable to keep us safe or vote them out!

Your officials would be the governor, house rep, state rep, or rep. Local and federal officials, we need to scream from the tops of our lungs and tell them we need to keep our families and neighbors safe. Those mass shootings should not be the regular news, becoming far too often.


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