Homecoming – 2019 – Around the corner! – Alterations

Homecoming – 2019 – Around the corner! – Alterations

Homecoming a Formal Event

Big night, fancy clothing and a nice dinner, going out with friends or a loved one. Wanting to look your best? Tailoring and alterations are the perfect way to get the right if on any garment.

Homecoming and Wedding Alterations and Fittings

One thing to keep in mind is your timeframe. Give yourself plenty of time to schedule your appt to get your dress fitted. Most alterations will require at least one fitting. This means you should book your appointment AT LEAST 4 weeks before the event. Contact your local alteration shops to find out what the turnaround is for alterations.

Homecoming Alterations – What to Bring

After you have booked, you will want to make sure you have the following items with you for your appointment. (Ask if you are not sure).

Shoes, this is a BIGGIE; please bring the shoes you plan on wearing.  If you are not sure about your shoes at the time of the alteration, bring a pair that you might wear. Make sure the heal height is close. If in a wedding, make sure to bring the shoes the bride has requested and the preferred length or vision.

Homecoming and Wedding Alterations and Fittings
Halter Satin Prom dress (3 layers)
Homecoming and Wedding Alterations and Fittings
Chiffon multi-layer prom dress (4 layers)

Undergarments, wear the right underwear. If you are in a strapless dress, make sure to bring your correct bra with you to the fitting, as this may change the finished fit. If you change the bra style after the fitting process has started, this may incur extra alteration charges due to the extra work by your tailor to fix the fit.


Concerning your tailor or alterations specialist, make sure to schedule your fittings or follow-ups. This is your responsibility and not the shop or alteration specialist. Ensure to follow up at least a few days after the first fitting unless discussed with the tailor. You want to make sure you do this. If not, your garment might not be ready in time.

Alteraions and Fittings
Alterations are a great way to make your garments look fantastic!


Be sure that whoever alters your garment, you give them enough time.  Alterations are a specialty sewing skill, and not everyone should do alterations unless they are comfortable and practiced, especially on formalwear. Cheap doesn’t mean bad, and well doesn’t mean expensive. All tailors do not take in the same alterations either, so make sure to check that your local alterations studio does alter formalwear.

Also, be specific about what you might need to be done. Always schedule a little extra time with them if you are bringing more than one or two items. Be advised that it might make your turnaround time long to get your alterations back if you bring more than two or three pieces.

Understanding and Patience

When working with an alterations shop, please have patience and understanding; sometimes garments are not “standard” inside. Once the garment it’s easier to see what can realistically be done for alterations. Tailors and alteration shops are not always going to do the work you would like to have done or can do it. Please be understanding and open, they will be honest with what they can do and the services they can provide.