Inspired summer camps! 2 weeks of fun for fans of the book!

White Literary Double Gauze Harry Potter # 23800145LE-1
White Literary Double Gauze Harry Potter # 23800145LE-1

The Boy Who Lived – inspired camp

One of my all-time favorite book series and movies! I had to make a summer camp highlighting it! Last year we had our first camp; I learned a lot during that camp. So this year, I decided to break it into the years, focus more on the book, and complete projects to complement the story.

Year 1 – Inspired by Sorcerers Stone

Year one was full of bright-eyed new wizards and witches. They came to platform 9 3/4, entered Hogwarts, and were sorted into their house. Then the students began prepping for making their capes and then sewed together house crests.

This class was so full of energy I ended up letting them start wands AND chalkboard art on the first day!

The following day the students sewed together their capes, finished up their wands, and painted their chalkboard wall hangings.

By the end of the week, they had made capes, wands, house crests, their animal (pet), sorcerers stone, and bath bombs! They nailed the camp, and I even had 2 students register for the next week’s year 2 camp!

Ravenclaw won the house cup, which meant the 2 kids in that house got a free entry to Kids Night In!!

Year 2 – Chamber of Secrets

I loved seeing 2 kids from the previous week’s camps come to hang and had a few of the students from last year’s summer camp come!
On the first day, just like Year 1, they entered Platform 9 3/4, entered the Great fall, and were sorted into their house. Since we had new to the camp students that didn’t have their house from the year before, students could choose to be re-sorted.

Once sorted, they started to sew together house crests and prepping for their capes; they also started on making wands the first day. We had some trivia and the kids got to know each other.

They also made their animals, chalkboard art, and bath bombs with Barmaid Soap Company during the rest of the week.

Finally, on the last two days,  they sewed together a house-elf and got a sock for its clothing.

End of “Year”

Next, we finished the week with homemade house sugar cookies! We also ate popcorn while watched the movies and talked about books.

These books have inspired 20+ years of kids/adults. I will always be an HP fan, and I hope to help inspire more to come! Keep an eye on the holiday at the castle this winter and other fun camps for next year!

Thank you to all that came!


  1. Aww, thank you, Janet!! It’s been a fun 3 years so far!!! hopefully more years in the future! 😀 Miss you lady!! If you are around for the shops birthday party, please come, it’s August 25th 11-3PM. Zombie Dogz and Billie Gold Bubble tea will be at the studio and I will have some giveaways and discounts! Time to celebrate!

  2. Janet Hicks

    You are amazing. Love watching your business and your family grow! Good job Jesy!

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