Coming in January – Looking ahead for 2019 – Kids Night In, BOM and More!

Coming in January – Looking ahead for 2019 – Kids Night In, BOM and More!
Monthly Pushie Class

Sew Hometown Block of the Month

Needle, Ink, and Thread will host a block of the month, which we are using the Inspiring Stitches – Sew Hometown Project Calendar!

I am so excited to have the calendar filled with the dates already for the events! If you purchase the calendar through me this year, there will be no monthly fee for the block demo!

If you buy from someone else, there will be a $5 per demo fee.

Next UP, Monthly Plushie Classes

Starting Jan 27th, we will begin the 12 months of plushies!

This will be a monthly event that will have two separate times to attend. Classes are up and on the schedule till April (you can see the upcoming projects there).
It’s going to be amazing!

It melted my heart, and it was the best time seeing the answers from social media. I asked my followers to name some of their favorite animals (real or fake), and I seriously received over 250 suggestions!!!

I have sorted out the ideas so that the voting can start in March or April for the upcoming classes.

If you have a suggestion for the class, leave it below in the comments!

Kids Night In

This year again, I will be hosting the monthly Kids Night In. This year the calendar is full of fun projects!

As always, there is Beavercreek Pizza Dive dinner as part of the night!

Kids Night In started back at Sew Dayton; we hosted this class monthly; however, we didn’t include dinner.

Once I opened in Beavercreek, I was next door to the Pizza Dive and figured what better way to get to support my fellow small businesses but to include dinner for this night from them! A WIN/WIN!

The next thing is the supplies for the classes, and you don’t even have to blink an eye as I have them covered. I include the costs of the projects in the class fee!

Thankfully, this should keep you from having to stop and get anything before class.

Next, drop off is no earlier than 5:25 PM, and please pick up no later than 8:35 PM. This way, I can get home to rest for the next morning’s classes!

What do you want to see?

So, do you have a class you want to take but don’t see a listing?

I love hosting workshops and group classes.

I have private lessons open for those that want to take fit or specialty classes, and it’s harder to do those types of classes as groups since everyone is so different, and I love to give out info!

Are you starting a business? Book a private lesson to pick my brain and ask me questions!
Social media getting you down, or do you need a refresher? Book a private lesson!
Birthday party blues? Every year is it the same ole same ole? Book a sewing party!!!

What would you like to see added?


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