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Tell Me Your Favorite Animal!

Plushie Workshop for 2019

I am looking to gain a few more fun animals to turn into plushies for 2019’s monthly Plushie workshop! Easy 101 projects that are hand stitched.

Furthermore, each kit will have everything needed to complete the project. We will meet on a Saturday each month (except Feb will be on valentine’s day). I will help you with different stitches and help with any questions.

So, creating your plushie is super fun and each animal has its personality! 
  • January we will be stitching together a fox plushie, 2D and easy for all ages.
  • February, we are stitching together in a couples class, loving otters, you will see each stitch an otter together (in the floating position with one arm outstretched to hold the other otter’s heart, (can’t wait to finish the sample!
  • March a kawaii corgi! OMG, it’s going to be the sweetest little 2 D pup!
  • April will be a fun llama that will have you in stitches with the optional eyeglasses and scarf/hat!

The plushies will be able to be completed in 2.5 hours (some classes will be 3 hours); the class will include one hot beverage (coffee or hot chocolate). Feel free to bring treats to share!

Great for a group to have a day out being creative! Grab some friends and have some creative fun!

Creativity is something that is to be fostered and present in everyone’s lives. It helps to relax, make your brain make new paths, it helps us in essential dexterity.

Leave in the comments your favorite animal that you would like to see turned into a 2D felt plushie!

The owner of Needle, Ink and Thread, Located in Beavercreek, Ohio. I love teaching, it really is my passion. The "lightbulb" moments are my favorite! I am so excited to share my passion of sewing, design, and art with you! I was also a former co-owner of Sew Dayton.

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