Basic Sugar Cookie {easy to make}

basic sugar cookie

Sugar cookie?

Who doesn’t love a great cookie? Cookies are perfect for dipping into coffee, making for a friend, or something fun to do! As you have read, I am just getting into baking; it used to scare me!  So, now I am taking it in full force. I know I will have failures; I will probably make stuff that is not super delicious. But I am going to try.

Sugar cookies are the first “easy” cookie I could think of, knowing it didn’t have a ton of ingredients and knowing how it’s supposed to taste in the end. I have no fears of the prepackaged mixes, so why shouldn’t I learn to do it from the basics, knowing what is going into my family’s bellies.

I truly believe that bringing the cooking and baking home is one way to make healthier choices for the family since you choose what goes into the mac and cheese instead of that one that begins with a K…

First of all, the one thing I have learned from diving into this is that many recipes out there say “BEST.”
I thought about sewing, telling my students to start with patterns that do not have many pieces at first, build with the pieces as we build with our techniques. And that is what I was planning on with the baking. Slow and steady. Build on techniques and ingredients. Definitely not trying to win a specific baking show… I am just trying to make something that tastes good.

This simple cookie did hold up to everything I was hoping for. I did a little extra salt to the recipe after tasting the dough.

<Let’s Make This>

A basic delicious sugar cookie that can be decorated or eaten with coffee and jam. It’s tasty and will become your go-to cookie!
 Course Dessert
 Prep Time 30 minutes
 Cook Time 15 minutes
5 dozen
41165890_1875827735835288_3142452576335691776_n-600x750 Basic Sugar Cookie {easy to make}


  1. First, sift confectioners’ sugar to remove lumps.
  2. Then add milk
  3. Following the milk, whisk confectioners’ sugar and milk until icing is thick. (If thinner glaze preferred to add a touch more milk until desired consistency)
  4. Add extract (vanilla, orange, lemon etc.) if desired
  5. Whisk again until incorporated into the mixture.
  6. Divide into baggies for food coloring.
  7. Using food coloring, dip into the icing and mix color until desired shade.
  8. Clip a small notch in the corner of the baggie to allow icing to exit.
  9. Decorate!
RECIPE NOTES: During the mixing process, scrape the downsides of the bowl (as needed) and go slower when adding the dry ingredients to the mix. It will keep you from getting it everywhere!
Final product

Delicious! A buttery, sugary cookie that was yummy with the icing or on its own with some coffee. It will become my staple, I do believe!

What are your favorite items to bake? Who taught you to cook?

I have all kinds of recipes on this site. Did you see this burrito bowl?

"Sew" tell me your thoughts...

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