Teamwork Ohio, a small business helping small businesses

Teamwork Ohio - Showing what teamwork really means!
Teamwork Ohio - Showing what teamwork really means!

What teamwork means! <3 them!

Teamwork Ohio is a screenprinting business that does work for a lot of the community; they are lending a hand to our small businesses in a way I could never repay. For now, they are selling these fantastic shirts, when you purchase, drop down the donation spot and choose Needle, Ink and Thread.  Each time you do that, they will donate $10 of the profits to the business you want! How amazing is that.. how selfless and big-hearted is that.. these guys are top-notch and deserve big virtual pats on the back and hugs!

Small Businesses told to SHUT Down – Teamwork

The last week I have been on shutdown due to the rules and regulations of essential businesses. For the most part, it has allowed me to look at different ways to handle and hold classes. I am a one-person show, no one in the background, just me. Yes, my husband does help when I ask (hanging things, shows up to shoot photos, etc.), but I handle the business.

All small businesses are freaking out, especially ones like mine that run on community interaction. The good thing is I always have at least one month backup on rent, and I run very leanly as a company. My overhead isn’t horrible, but also, my profit margin is minimal as well. I wanted to tell you today the best ways to support small businesses right now.

Shut down – How Teamwork is helping

No businesses except essential businesses should be open, I am sorry but a drop of service at someone’s house, etc… not safe.. stay HOME!
I want to open my doors sooner than later, and right now, we need people staying home. I thought preventative and sanitizing measures would be significant, and they are. Still, they are not safe; every single time someone touches a surface, clothing, thread .. etc.. the potential to spread this is high… plastic the virus loves because it can live on that.. which means if you are handing someone plastic anything.. potential for infection. STOP STAY HOME! I want to see all your smiling faces when we reopen; I do not know what to have to mourn anyone that I love/care for.. but know that it’s a likely possibility …

Let’s all do what we can right now to make sure this goes smoothly and ends as fast as possible!

Teamwork ohio red shirt
Teamwork ohio red shirt
Teamwork ohio black shirt
Teamwork ohio black shirt


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