Masks, Masks and MORE Masks – Handmade mask sewing!

Masks, Masks and MORE Masks – Handmade mask sewing!

COVID-19 Handmade Masks

The response and call have been real! At first, I thought I wouldn’t make any since my mental health isn’t made for batch sewing like this, it wears me thin, hard on my body for sewing that long and just mentally depressing knowing that so many people are at risk and don’t have the proper attire to stay slightly more protective.

I am using the Made Everyday mask pattern with some slight modifications that make it easier for me to batch sew.

Fabric Masks – What is the best? How can you tell?

I went through my fabric stash to find the best and highest quality fabric. It wasn’t that hard because I tend to purchase destashes and materials from small indie shops. I often shop at the big box fabric stores because I know the thread count and quality of the cotton they use in their fabrics.

I am a small business, so I tend to support the little shops.

The vast majority of my masks made with Art Gallery Fabric, Andover, Free Spirit, Birch Organic, RJR, Me + You / Hoffman Fabric, and Riley Blake. These companies get the first run of the cotton, which is the longest strands and the softest parts! They wash beautifully and will last so much longer.

Need a mask?

With that being said, I am still making masks, if you are in need, please contact me or email me at jesy at!

Please provide how many and sizes, Adult or Child, or toddler. I can’t promise a color or print, that isn’t something that I have time to play with at the moment.
Also, there is a MAX of 6 by donation (please consider at min donating the cost of supplies, that is the only way I can continue to make them for everyone, any orders over six will be $13 per mask – due to the time and the materials needed. 

The finale mask count

Since starting this post, I am now over 300 400 500 masks out the door. It’s more about the efficacy and getting them made.  Elastic is getting to be scarce; I am using high-quality fabrics from amazing fabric companies.

It’s been a fun ride, and it keeps on going, I will continue to make these until there is no more <3

Hang in there; we are all in this together!


  1. Susan Brunett

    I would like to order masks for my husband and me, my phone number is 937-533-8234 we can pick up my neighbor just got some today Barb Meyer she just gave me your card. Let me no when I can get them I think she got 7 from you. Not for sure, So what ever she got is what I want.

    Thank you
    Susan Brunett

  2. I am currently making them as the orders come in, I haven’t been able to stockpile and then list. But if you would like to order I can ship. Please email me at [email protected] with how many and what sizes (adult or kids – with the kids its best to list their ages so I can customize to fit their faces)

  3. Jennifer Steinmetz

    I am looking to purchase a few masks for myself. Do you sell online for delivery?

  4. Jennifer Neves

    I would like to order 1 adult male mask and 1 adult male and 1 adult female mask. Could you please email a cost and how I pay you


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