Studio update – Opening? – What are we doing?

Studio update – Opening? – What are we doing?

When will you open it, will you give a studio update?

Hey everyone, I have gotten some questions regarding when the studio will reopen. Legally, I am not allowed to open yet, no group gatherings and since I am licensed as a school (specialty traded) and retail. Unfortunately, due to the risks to my students and myself, I am not opening this month.

Before I temporarily closed my doors on March 15th, I had a Kids Night In, the amount of cleaning behind a group class of 4 kids, was never-ending, not that I minded I was cautious. I do not think that I could keep the studio sanitized and safe for everyone realistically.

Think about how much people touch their faces without thinking about it, sneeze, blow their nose, etc.  Those poor kids were continually washing their hands, and I was wiping everything down every few moments. It was tiring, but what we needed to do to keep everyone protected. That is my main goal.

Why no studio update?

SO that being said, due to my vendor’s license AND the fact that we have no vaccine yet… I can’t open my doors due to close contact.
I was advised by my insurance and talking to other businesses, that I fall under the salons/tattoo/etc. Umbrella due to the close contact that happens during classes. Private lessons will be the first classes to come back as they are one on one, group classes though.. not sure when I will legally be able to do that.

Even though I never have more than 6 (10 for embroidery) students at one time. I can’t do it. I would be DEVASTATED if someone got sick in my studio.
I love and miss everyone so much. I am trying to keep you safe, and I am so sorry.

Mask and studio update!

So since April 9th the I have made and distributed 1000 masks! I am so proud of the studio, keeping our community safe.

As a heads up, once the studio can reopen, I will need to instate a mask policy. I want to make sure that everyone is safe until there is a vaccine for this; it’s always a possibility of this coming back, so I want to protect everyone that comes through my doors. I will also keep making and selling them as long as there is a need.

Short and sweet update but wanted to keep you all in the loop.

Have to get back to sewing masks!

BIG BIG HUGS and love to all of you! I can’t wait for the day I can give you all hugs again!!!


  1. donna howell

    are you still making and selling masks? if so, i would like to buy some. do you mail them out, i live in west milton,ohio and do not drive so i would have to have them mail to me. thanks

  2. Danielle Deramo

    Hey Jess,
    I totally understand. You are doing the right thing, even though it is the hard thing.

    I hope your family is all healthy.


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