We are REOPENING with COVID 19 guidelines

We are REOPENING with COVID 19 guidelines

We are reopening! Covid 19 Rules

I am so excited to share the news that the studio will be slowly reopening starting June 9th! I have missed everyone and can’t wait to get back to teaching.

There will be a few changes to the studio once it’s reopened. I have to follow the CDC, State of OHIO Health Dept, and Greene County Health Dept rules. Hopefully, over time we can get lax them a little, but for now, your safety in my home (studio) is my utmost concern.

On June 9th, this will be private lessons and private group lessons too. I am currently rescheduling some of the first classes that were canceled due to closing. There are two summer camps scheduled that have been reduced to accommodate the new rules. Those are registering now.

No alterations until at least the fall, those alterations that I have had since clothing, I will be contacting you next week to talk about your modifications. At this time, I would like to focus on getting the classes back in order, and it will be easier for me to do this without the stress of completing alterations.

What we need to do now that COVID 19 is here…

Once we reopen, we will have some restrictions and guidelines to be compliant with the regulations set by the CDC, State of OHIO Health Dept, and the Greene County Health Dept.  I can not and will not falter from these as this is my livelihood, and I can not risk another shutdown.



  1. It is a MUST. I will be wearing one at all times. Any student who enters the studio with the exceptions has documented health restrictions. Please let me know of this when registering for your class. I will be in touch to discuss any concerns if you come without a mask and have no documented medical conditions. I will be selling masks for $13 + tax, and you will have to purchase. All students will be required (unless you have a documented reason why you can’t wear one).

Drop off

  • When dropping off, don’t hesitate to contact me drop-off via text message (this is provided to you when you register for a class). I will open the door and take the students’ temp with a contactless thermometer, and they will use the provided sanitizer upon entry. If you are dropping off more than one student, I will ask you to stagger the drop-off so there is no bottleneck for this process. I will ask a series of questions as well, such as, have you been in crowds without a mask or social distancing? Have you come into contact with anyone with COVID19 or anyone in quarantine, as well as if you traveled recently.

Supplies – I usually have communal supplies that you can use during classes; I will no longer have supplies that students can use during lessons. With contamination and all cleaning will have to do after each class. Students will be responsible for bringing their supplies as they will not be able to use mine at this time —any materials for the course and your sewing kit and scissors.

27084A Sewing Box Kit
This kit has everything you would need in for supplies, marking tools, pins, ruler, scissors etc.

6ft social distance-
During any class with more than one student, all students will remain six feet apart at all times. The studio will have a limit of six people plus me during any event (once we can hold those). I will have the floor marked at six feet; no two students will be allowed to be in the same section simultaneously. This will cover the required six-foot distancing.

Pickup –
Picking up a student will be a little different.  If you are picking u, I ask you to text me with the student’s name ande in the parking lot. I will send the students out staggered. They will use hand sanitizer before they leave the studio as well.

At this time, parents will not come into the studio for pickup or during class. Only the people taking the course will be permitted.

When will this change, will we always worry about COVID 19?

Once the restrictions on businesses change, I will be updating policies. These are “evergreen,” which means they are subject to change at any time.  Please understand that I am trying to do my best to follow the restrictions/guidelines that are put in place for me to open. I have NO control over them. I have to support them to be in business. The studio is my livelihood, and I can’t risk it.

Curbside Pickup – During COVID 19

I have been getting a lot of questions about this, and I do not have curbside pickup. I am a single-employee business, and I don’t have the resources after being closed for almost four months.

Online Orders

Right now, online orders, if placed before the mail comes, will be out the same day. I will be bringing all the inventory back to the studio after I reopen, so if you order online, it might be a day or two for shipping. I will be trying my hardest to ship same or next day.

As of right now, no in-store hours, online shopping only. Since I am not accepting alterations, there will not be open sew either. The studio will only be accessible to those coming for classes.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and we will work through any issues together!
I am so excited to see your faces!!

Thank you for all your support through this time; it does fill my heart with happiness!

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  1. Dianne Price

    My t-shirt quilt is almost done. I need help on learning how to put the binding around the quilt no
    Idea where to begin except I have my fabric strips ready?

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