Black Friday AND SBS – Come Celebrate

Black Friday AND SBS – Come Celebrate

Black Friday

For Black Friday, we will be hosting Drop IN Sew for Black Friday this year! $15/hr for assistance with those projects you wanna work on or finish up! This year we decided we would open up the studio, retail is available, but we are more about helping you work on your projects!
Come bring anything you need to work on or help with; we will help you get comfortable or understand the pattern!
I have a lot of clients that love this time of year for finishing up holiday gifts in peace! You won’t have to worry about people seeing their gifts or come work on them uninterrupted!

Unfortunately, we can’t run crazy sales during Black Friday because the next day will be Small Business Saturday, and I will be hosting sales and discounts.

NO MASKS REQUIRED – You can wear them if you are more comfortable, however, they are no longer required!

Small Business Saturday / Black Friday Sales

Since we cannot run specials nonstop because we are a small business, we are trying to make a fun event for it! We will be randomly and secretly discounting items at the studio; you won’t know if you got a discount until you get to the register! It will encourage those that have wanted to purchase something to buy it, and hopefully, they will get a percentage off!

We will also have a spinner wheel for added prizes and discounts!

Small Business Saturday – Day after Black Friday

We will also have Drop-In Sew for Small Business Saturday as well! Depending on whether you need assistance, $5-$15/hr! If you want to book your table, please text the studio with your name, what hours you would like to reserve, and if you need help or just the table!

We have some great classes coming up too!!!


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