Corkboard – Customize it – DIY

DIY Customized Corkboard
DIY Customized Corkboard

Custom Corkboard – Tutorial

My favorite part of the day is coming up with unique ways to make my office my happy space, and what is better than a custom corkboard?

I bought some round corkboard heat pads at IKEA a few months back. These are usually used as heat pads to set a hot pot, pan, or dish down, and you don’t want to ruin your countertops.   They come in sets of 3 for maybe $2.99.

However, I didn’t need them for my kitchen. When I was at IKEA, I thought,” I would LOVE some unique corkboards for my office. 

I have never really seen any circular note boards; this could be fun!” then, I purchased a few packs, went home, opened a package, drilled holes in them, and hung them next to my computer.
About a month ago, I went through my supplies and took inventory, and found I had two more packs! I was giddy; I had forgotten I had them.

You know how it is when you’re a crafter… it’s like finding a pot of gold!

About a week ago, I sat down with my acrylic paints and a pack of these round cork pads. I got to work transforming them into what I envisioned in my mind.

Quick Steps to Customizing a Corkboard

First, start with white acrylic paint; this creates a primer coat. Coat the cork with four even layers until you no longer see the brown pin peeking through.

You could also spray-paint the cork! It might be faster!

Once the primer coats are dry, it’s time to start working on a design. If you don’t feel artistically inclined, you could always use a stencil, or if you have a Silhouette machine, you could have some fun cutting out some fantastic images!

Now comes the super fun part! Painting your design, using your imagination, and having fun!

**Please note, these will not work in the kitchen as a hot pad after being painted; the paint will burn!**

I didn’t seal the cork, but after the paint is dry, a clear spray coat  (if you want to) would protect the color a little more and add a pretty glossy finish.

The best thing about this project is it’s the only limit is your imagination.

This would be a perfect craft for kids to do! Have your little artists dip their hands in the paint for a custom handprint corkboard for grandma or grandpa for their birthday or holiday! Even a fun gift for your child’s teacher!

The possibilities are endless and so much fun for under $5.00.

The last step is how to hang this gem on your wall.

There are a few ways to make this look amazing. First, you could make a bow and attach it via hot glue. You can drill a hole in the top and nail it or screw it into the wall. Or if you have any picture hangers, hot glue to the back.

Also, if you plan to attach a backing to the cork, use hot glue to give your project the best stability.

In conclusion, I hope this helps give ideas for fun and exciting projects to do with your friends and family… or if you need some creative “you” time, this is the best way to zone out.

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