Alterations – Not accepting alterations at this time.

At this time, alterations will not open back up until fall. Due to all the regulations, I am focusing on getting classes up and running first. If I have adjustments of yours, please contact me about how to resolve your alteration and pickup <3 thank you for understanding!

With the regulations – I would have to completely sanitize the studio after every appt. I would spend more time cleaning then being able to have people in for appts. So to keep you safe, I have decided to hold off on accepting alterations.

Regular Alterations

    • 1-2 week turnaround – Unless discussed when dropping off
    • I do not alter sleeve length in suits or jackets if they have buttons or vents. They take about 4 hours, and I don’t have the time to dedicate to this alteration. Please check out a tailor shop for these alterations as you will get the best price and finished look.
    • I am sorry I DO NOT do zipper repairs on any clothing besides dresses and skirts.
    •  I can not sew heavy-duty clothing/bags/jackets as my machine will not sew through as I do not have an industrial machine. 

Formal AlterationsPlease contact me before bringing in formal wear as I have a limit that I accept.

    • I am sorry I do not work on wedding dresses
    • I do not alter any items with beading, sequin, or lacework matching. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    • 3-4 week turnaround – will need to be able to come back for fittings if required. Please plan accordingly and book your fittings at the time of booking your alteration. If you do not book your fitting, I will not be liable for rushing your order, and you might encounter a RUSH fee if we end up with having to accommodate a deadline. 


You will need to schedule your fitting/pickup if you have to try your clothing on for fit.

Once an alteration leaves the studio, the service is complete.
If you decide you want something changed after you take it home, you will have to pay for the services again.

There are no refunds on alterations. When picking up, we go over all alterations. You should try on or fit your items before leaving if you chose not to do a fitting before you leave. You are acknowledging that the modification is excellent, and any changes will be subject to another alteration fee. I HIGHLY recommend checking/fitting before leaving the studio.
If you choose not to try the garments on before leaving the studio, you do at your own risk; if a change is needed, it will be billed for again once it has left the shop.
Please understand that alterations take time and supplies. I want you to be happy with my services.

Any issues or concerns should be discussed at pickup, and we will figure out the best plan of action.

Common Alterations & Pricing


  • Topstitched, Blind and Cuffed hem $12.50
    • Lined $20.00
  • Circle Skirt $17.00
    • Lined $30
  • Formal Wear Hemming (Weddings, Prom, Gala’s, Etc)
    • Women – $65 first layer + $30 each additional layer
    • Men Tux pants – $25.00
  • Curtains
    • Unlined – $20 per panel
    • Lined – $35 per panel

Take IN/Let OUT

  • Unlined $25
    • Formal wear – $45
  • Lined $35
    • Formal wear – $65
  • Boning in garment – $35+ extra charge
    – to move it for a take in/out

Shoulder/Strap Adjustment

  • $20 – Thin straps (unlined)
    • $35.00 – Thin straps (lined)
  • $30 Unlined-Standard
    • $40 Lined – Standard
    • Adjusted for different styles – will discuss
  • Unlined Formal Wear Straps Thin – $30
    • Lined Formal Straps – Thin $40
  • Formal Wear Standard Straps $ 45
  • Adding Straps to strapless  $35 (must provide material bring with you to appt.)
  • Modesty panel – $35 (must give material and sew in snaps bring with you to appt.)

Buttons Securing/Replacement

  • $4 each up to 4
    • $2.00 for each button after the first 4

Mending and or Patches

  • Small patch $5 (under 2″)
  • Medium patch $7 (2-5″)
  • Large patch $10 (5-9″)
  • I am sorry I can not sew bigger patches, as well as I can not sew through any type of leather

All patches have a $1.00 patch removal fee (if I have to take one-off to put a new one on) on top of the cost of sewing on the patch.

 Do you have something that isn’t listed here? Contact me for a quote!
More info located on my FAQ page!

*Prices listed are guidelines and subject to change depending on the complexity of the alteration will be at my discretion.

Updated 06-4-2020