Handmade Fabric Dryer Sheets – Tutorial – Safe and Chemical Free

Handmade Fabric Dryer Sheets – Tutorial – Safe and Chemical Free

Handmade fabric dryer sheets – Why buy when you can make?

Making your very own dryer sheets is fun, easy, and fast! Great for your wallet and your skin.  The chemicals that are in our dryer sheets, of course, are not suitable for us.

I want to walk you through making your own that will cost less and work better.

With a few inexpensive items, you can make 24 reusable fabric dryer sheets.

Supplies for Handmade Fabric Dryer Sheets

For this project, you will need a few simple supplies.

White Vinegar, Essential Oils, GLASS container (must be glass because we are using essential oils), Charm pack or fabric scraps at least 5×5, Cotton sewing thread, sewing machine, and sewing kit.

Steps for making

First you will separate your pieces of fabrics, 2 squares per sheet.

Wrong sides facing.

Sew around the edges at a 1/4 inch seam allowance, also sew an X in the middle of the square. Do this to all of your fabrics. You can make as many as you like! I used all of this charm pack which made about 21 “sheets”.

Next, take your glass jar, and put your white vinegar and essential oils into the glass, and mix them together. You will be adding in water to thin out the vinegar smell.

After making the mix, add in your sheets, let them sit overnight after you make them, if your fabric isn’t prewashed, you might want to wash your sheets first so they will absorb the liquid more evenly and fully. The sizing on the fabric can hinder that.

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Edit– I have found that putting at least 10-12 in the dryer works the best if you have acrylic or polyester clothing put more in than average to help combat the static that those fibers produce. Also, I have added equal parts of water to decrease the smell of vinegar, and I  increased the number of essential oils; the best thing to do is play around with the ratios to suit your family.

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