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Girl Charlee Fabric

I have some exciting news; I will be hosting a few free tutorials and some that come with patterns! A collaboration with Girl Charlee fabrics regarding some fun projects that are nontraditional to the way most think they can use a stretch knit.  They graciously sent me material so I can sew up some fantastic fun projects!

Think about stretch knit and what makes you afraid to use it? Can I help you overcome that? Why can’t it be used in some nontraditional ways? 

Using this 95% cotton 5% spandex stretch knit, I made a cute infinity scarf, using 1/4 yard! One neat fact about Girl Charlee is they produce some of their fabric right here in the USA, in California! The textile industry is tiny in the US, most of our material comes from overseas. So to see another “small” business helping to sustain manufacturing in the US .. I LOVE IT! 

This material is a mustard and ivory stripe, it’s got a significant recovery after stretch and is 55-58″ wide.  Listed as a medium weight, 11oz and it has a 60% 30% stretch which makes this fabric usable in a whole slew of applications! The feel of this fabric after washing is soft with a medium hand and flexible, it sewed beautifully without issue. Good weight. 

I did a video recording via time-lapse and wanted to link to this tutorial, which will have step by step photos. The only difference is you will be using a triple stitch or zig zag stitch depending on what type of machine that you have. 


So I mentioned the Triple Stitch, I love this stitch for my stretchy fabrics if serging isn’t going to work. This stitch is a Speciality Stitch on many machines; it’s considered a reinforcement stitch for wovens and stretchy stitch for knits and I love using this stitch due to it being a straight stitch. Whenever I sew two layers with a zig-zag stitch, I typically encounter puckering at the seam if utilizing that stitch, it makes my seams almost look like scallops, and I am not a fan.

**Pro Tip**
Practice on your fabric before stitching anything together; I always highly recommend taking a scrap piece and folding it over to simulate the conditions in which you would be sewing. Then see what stitches you like the best! Everyone has different tastes, and that is ok! Do what works for you.

Creating your infinity scarf with stretch knit

Materials needed:
  • 1/4 yard stretch knit (my favorite is 95% cotton/5% spandex)
    • I am using Mustard and Ivory Stripe Cotton Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee
  • Size 12 needle – Ballpoint, Jersey or Stretch
  • Matching Thread (I prefer 100% polyester with garment construction)
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Machine (I love the Brother CS6000i for a beginner machine)

Step 1: Prewash your fabric! Then give the raw edges a light pressing and starch to keep them from rolling.

**Did you know that knit fabric will turn towards the “right side” of the fabric**

2nd Step: Fold the fabric longwise in half. Leaving a hand length of material at each end, pin together the raw edges using straight pins.

Step 3: Sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance down the long side of the fabric, making sure to stop at the last pin (leaving at least one hand-length at the beginning and end.)

4th Step: Flip the fabric right side out.

Step 5: Taking both ends that have the salvage edge, pin all the way around with the right sides together.
*This may look strange or awkward, but you will just sew around the 3/4 circular opening.

6th Step: Sew around this edge using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 7: Also, Don’t forget about backstitching!

8th Step: After that, make sure that all of the raw edges are tucked into the opening pin all the way across the opening, using a 1/8 inch seam allowance sew closed the opening.

YAY!  You now have a fabulous infinity scarf that takes less than 20 minutes to sew!


Super quick and easy holiday gift using a material that is soft and warm will have a fun drape! You can use old tee shirts for scarves too, just piece a few together first to make it at least 45 inches in width.

Have a blast making more!

What is your favorite thing about stretch knits?

Have you ever heard of or used Girl Charlee fabrics? Tell me what you like about their fabric!


Please also note there are affiliate links which help run this blog. Also, Girl Charlee did send me the fabric free of charge. This was part of the collaboration, my opinions, and thoughts, however, are all of my accords and were not influenced by the free fabric. Thanks for your support!

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  • Julie

    Nice Jesy! I can’t wait to make one or three. I did not know that about knit fabric rolling to its right side. I’ll try the triple stitch, I’m not a fan of the puckering either, but thought it was my inexperience with knits. Thanks for the tips!!
    Now, time to check out Girl Charlee knit fabrics.

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