Prom 2018 – Pretty Dresses and Snazzy Suits

Prom 2018
Prom 2018

Ahh, High School Prom

All the dresses for the high school prom are all the buzz right now. This the season of alterations; this year, I set a max for each event, I took no more than ten dresses per prom weekend.

Alterations are part of my business plan; I take them in once a week, on Tuesdays 11-6 PM. One week turnaround for business/casual wear and two to three weeks for formal wear. Only accept a certain amount of formal wear at a time so please always contact me before bringing it in.

Prom Weekend April 14th

I am starting to the photos in from proud parents. I will update the gallery as they come in 🙂 When I get photo’s of the amazing people wearing the garments that I alter it really makes my heart happy. Seeing the confidence that an altered dress or skirt or slacks can bring, there really is nothing like it. I LOVE it when someone loves their outfit before but ADORES it after it’s altered. It shows how much a little bit of time and energy can make in a garment.

I always say, there is nothing like a well fitting garment, to make you happy and feel good!

Prom Dresses

The dresses have been stunning, the chiffon, the draping layers, the beading, and the glamor.  I can’t wait to see next year’s dresses; it seemed that I had many beautiful multi-layered chiffon dresses, lots of beading, and stunning side slits on one side of the dress. Also lots of 2 piece garments, there were a few that I completely revamped from one style to another but alas no photos.. and I am so bad about getting them before and after I do the alterations. I really should get better about that, I mean if I continue to do them it’s defiantly my portfolio of work.

Ahh to be that age again!


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