Prom 2018
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Prom 2018 – Pretty Dresses and Snazzy Suits – Alterations

Ahh, High School Prom

All the dresses for the high school prom are all the buzz right now. Tis the season of alterations. This year I set a max for each event, I took no more than ten dresses per prom weekend.

Alterations are part of my business plan, I take them in once a week, on Tuesdays 11-6PM. One week turn around for business/casual wear and two to three weeks for formal wear. Only accept a certain amount of formal wear at a time so please always contact me before bringing it in.

Prom Weekend April 14th

I am starting to the photos in from proud parents. I will update the gallery as they come in 🙂


All of the dresses have been stunning, the chiffon, and the draping layers, the beading, and the glamor.  I can’t wait to see next years dresses; it seemed that I had a lot of beautiful multi-layered chiffon dresses, lots of beading and stunning side slits on one side of the dress.

Ahh to be that age again!