New Business Adventure! Needle, Ink and Thread LLC Opens!

New Business Adventure! Needle, Ink and Thread LLC Opens!

Thank you for your business!

First off, THANK YOU to everyone that has followed my new business adventure on social media! It has been a busy month, two flower girl dresses made, my brother got married in Florida, and we closed Sew Dayton. We had a great last hurrah at the shop and thanked everyone that came to wish us luck.

Three years on Wayne Ave, next to one of my favorite coffee spots, PRESS!

Four fantastic years as Sew Dayton, which taught me so much about running a business.

New Changes and Beginnings for the Business

Tracy and I took inventory the day after we closed the business, and I went to sign my lease and pay my first month’s rent.  The following day my husband Jermie, brother-in-law Jeff, and I started moving all the stuff out of the old shop. We drove almost everything in one trip!

It was a busy day, but the man did we do excellent! Later that night, I went to my first Business Links meeting for the Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce, of which I am now a proud member.

The Studio

The first few days at the new studio were spent with my mom, painting five coats of white on the drywall. Once we felt good with the coverage, we started moving around tables, painting pegboard and furniture. We gave everything a little beat up a fresh new lease on life; the paint is impressive!

My hands were swollen for a few days, and my body snapped, crackled, and popped, but it is all worth it!

I love my four hundred square feet of space; I still need to pick up some odds and ends. Like shelving and such, but it’s beginning to take shape, and my vision is starting to unfold. I have some fresh branding ideas for the walls!


My first group class, Sewing Basics; Get to Know Your Machine had two students. They were adorable as I got my bearings back into teaching. It was the strangest feeling teaching in a whole new space. Everything was not in its familiar spots; it kept me on my toes. But they enjoyed their class!

I also taught two private lessons, one with Rosemary (a former Sew Dayton student) and Matt, who wants to make neckties and shirts. The lessons are starting to book up, which was my biggest fear when planning the entire new business thing out.. what if no one takes classes! EEK, but alas.. slowly and steadily, they are starting to book.


Starting today, August 30th, 11:00 am – 6:00 pmI will begin accepting alterations. There will be a one-week turnaround. However, if the need is before one week, there will be a 50% charge for the rush.

sewing clothing
Tailoring your clothing altering and mending, a tailor in Beavercreek, Kettering, Dayton, Centerville, and Oakwood

So .. that is what has gone on for the last week or two!

I will start updating but faster now that August is almost over. It was a busy month.. but very rewarding!


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    Thank you so much Jennifer! I am super excited!

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