Wedding Cake Topper – Tutorial

Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper – How to Make Your Own!

When I married a few years ago, I knew I wanted to make my wedding cake topper. The reason, Jermie and I wanted a Spiderman and Mary Jane topper.  We could never find the right action figures, so the only option was to make them or buy them from Etsy. I chose to make my own! But as I was putting ideas together, I thought about all the other DIY brides; and figured this could be something that could lend itself to a great tutorial!

A fun way to make something unique and fresh!

Supplies for the wedding cake topper

A pack of blank wooden  people

Acrylic Paint (non-toxic)

Paint Brushes


Photo references for your design (if needed)

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Pick out how many “items” you would like to have on your cake. I chose 2 one for Mary Jane and one for Spiderman.
Wedding Cake Topper
Blank Wooden figures
  1. Lightly sketch out your design on the wood. Then start to build your first layer is your base color layer.  I filled in the blue and red for Spiderman and the flesh color and hair for Mary Jane. Try not to layer the paint too thick.
Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper

3. Next, start filling in the details, the clothing, the textures, and the more critical, less fine details.

Wedding Cake Topper

4. Finally, the last details. Faces, decals, symbols, and smiles.

Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper
Wedding Cake Topper

The painting took about 2 hours to complete, depending on your design and the details you chose to incorporate.  This cost about $6.00; if you have everything in stock already, it could cost you nothing!

It was a great way to personalize something in my wedding that meant a lot to us!
The figures are adaptable for any party that needs a fun and unique topper!  

Such a fun and different way to present something new doesn’t take much time or artistic talent. It could even be adapted to paint your family!

Let me know what you end up making!

XOXOX – Jesy

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