Handmade Wool Felt tooth fairy pillow

Handmade Wool Felt tooth fairy pillow
All the cuties in a row, now listed on Etsy!

tooth fairy pillow

I have itched to produce some more handmade items to sell in my shop on Etsy.  I drafted a pattern and got started stitching together an adorable kid’s tooth fairy pillow.

As I started to sew the pockets to the pillow, I thought, “These would be so cute with eyes!” so I began to give each one a set of eyes or closed eyelids!

Then I blanket stitch around the edges, leaving a small hole to stuff the pillow with polyfill. I thought it might be the best against dust and allergens.

They are so adorable! I would have loved this as a kid; I bet the tooth fairy would have loved this also!

As I was finishing them up, I had a great sense of accomplishment. I finished the first significant (more than 5) project of handmade items for Etsy in probably four years since we opened Sew Dayton.  I am constantly researching, taking online classes, trying new teaching techniques, making graphics for posts, reconciling bookkeeping, or updating the website, even during my weekends off. I am a bit of a workaholic on parts I excel in. I enjoy doing all of those items. I missed making things to sell.  

tooth fairy pillows on etsy

So starting in April, I decided on my time off, I was off.  I needed to do this for my mental health, and it has been fantastic! I even was able to finish a few top-secret projects last month that I can’t wait to tell you all about… ok, sorry for getting off track, back to the tooth fairy pillows! 

All the tooth fairy pillow cuties in a row, now listed on Etsy!

I hope they will enjoy and cherish their purchase by making something and seeing the smile in people’s eyes when they buy anything I have made.  It’s all about memories and connections, and it’s so rewarding to make people smile and happy. That’s what I love! Confident, Creative, Energy!

in the ending of tooth fairy pillow

Just remember to do your thing, don’t let anyone (even yourself) rain on your parade! Also, if you’re the only one marching, march on!! You got this!

Thanks for reading!!


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