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The Needle, Ink and Thread newsletter will never sell or distribute your information.

It is only used for the emails you would like to receive! We do not believe in profiting off your info, and all information is safe and secure behind firewalls, encryption, SSL, and more! We only send newsletters a few times a year, and I am more consistent with them. I know it’s the easiest way to keep you up to date on all of our information!

The seasons are changing, which means our classes will also be changing! We are adding in more courses that will benefit the community! Like home economics-style classes! We want to help our city thrive, and the best way is to help out our students!

New products, new patterns, class offerings, and more will be the main focus in the future on newsletters, as well as hopefully highlighting a new small business that you never heard about! We want to help provide you with information and knowledge of the businesses your community has to offer. Without our small businesses, we would be pretty dull!

Let us know what you would like to see in our newsletter too! We want to make sure that all the info you are searching for is easy to find—looking for birthday party info? How about the rental of the space?

IF you are a small business and would like to be featured in a newsletter, please contact me with your info, and we will work something out to help you get your business out there! We love to spread the love for other super cool small businesses.

Have an idea for the newsletter, a pattern? Art? Forward your information, and let’s get the word out; by working together, we all win!