Sewing Events at Needle Ink and Thread

The sewing calendar has all of our fun classes in one easy-to-read format; be sure to register for whichever course you want to reserve your spot.

I love putting together info to help you start! We have been trying to ensure that the classes we request are added, if possible. However, some types are unsuitable in a group setting or harder to host when a particular skill set is needed. Please reach out if there is something you would like to learn to do but are not sure where to start.


Please read about the class and what supplies to bring; also, please note that all students need to get a basic sewing kit to class. This includes scissors, pins, rulers, measuring tape, marking tools, hand-sewing needles, safety pins, etc. All extra sewing kit items will be listed on the class listing.
If you do not bring your supplies, you will be required to purchase your supplies from the studio. In most instances, we will have all the supplies needed as we carry notions, fabrics, and such; however, we do not. If it’s something that we do not carry, you may have to skip the step or take a private lesson to complete your project.
If you check the listings, some classes come with all supplies to complete the make! If you would like a kit of supplies made for you, please let me know~ We are here to help make coming to a class as easy as possible!


No masks are required now, and you may wear one if you like or feel more comfortable. I do ask if you are not feeling good, please make sure to test for covid, take your temp, and stay home if you feel bad or have a temp. If you are positive for Covid, please get in touch with me asap.