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We are open and taking steps to keep you safe!

Viruses – eek

I wanted to take a moment and talk about what I am doing at the studio to keep the COVID-19  virus at bay also to keep you and your children safe. I have stocked up on the proper cleaning supplies and will be making hand sanitizer (since there is none anywhere.. it was hard to even find rubbing alcohol).  I will be wiping down the entire studio, handles inside and outside, and every surface.

I have sinks and soap for kids and adults to use to keep their hands and face safe, tissues for sneezing and coughing. I really want to make sure I don’t have to close the studio down for any time. I want to be able to be open to parents that need a place for their kids to be if needed while they learn something fun!

At this time all small businesses are quite frankly freaking out. We do this because we do not have the capital that a large corporation does, we do not have the extra cash to pay employees when we don’t have the clientele coming in.

Do us a favor and check to see what your local small businesses are doing and try to support them if you can before the big box stores. Ohio has had a lot of tragedy this last year (tornados, KKK, Mass Shooting, Government Shutdown) not a virus that spreads. I promise I will do all I can to keep your kid or you healthy in my shop, I hope to see you soon and to make art together!

More helpful info to keep you healthy

Here is a FANTASTIC (click here) article on how to keep yourself safe and some precautions you can take.

Be safe, Be smart and do your part!

The owner of Needle, Ink and Thread, Located in Beavercreek, Ohio. I love teaching, it really is my passion. The "lightbulb" moments are my favorite! I am so excited to share my passion of sewing, design, and art with you! I was also a former co-owner of Sew Dayton.

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  • Kate Glover

    I was at Goodwill this morning, doing my usual shopping, and was going to come by and see you and buy a pattern to be supportive. Then I was going down to the coffee shop and buy some gluten-free sweets to be supportive. Also want to stop at the Front Porch (the place down the street from you) and buy some more artisan tea. I’m not quite out yet, but I like it and I know I’ll use it eventually. Unfortunately my first stop after Goodwill was on the other side of town so I didn’t get to come by. Do you have workshops tomorrow or would I be able to drop in at some point?

    I am encouraging everybody I talk to to Shop Small first and, if it all possible, find something to buy. My friend in Johnson City, Tennessee, has a small craft shop. I talked with her this morning, and people have simply stopped coming in. I just placed a bead order with her instead of a large online provider, but my one order is not going to keep her business afloat.

    We’re all in this together. Some of us will feel the financial effect more than others so we have to help where we can. Dayton Strong is still the motto for the day.

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