Hats with Girl Charlee Hacci Sweater Knit with Free Tutorial!

HatsBeanies or Cold Weather Toboggan

Hats, who doesn’t love a hat in cold weather! It’s fun, fast and an easy project. This tutorial will show you how to easy it is to draft a quick pattern using your measurements and then sew together a hat for Baby, kid/tween, and adult!

I will show you how to use some necessary measurements to create a cute hat for everyone in your family!  My head is 20 inches around, so I wanted to start with at least a 20 width of fabric, this will enable me to use negative ease to keep it on my head (you can always make it 1-2 inches smaller depending on the stretch of the fabric).  I wanted it to be a little more of a slouchy hat, so I used 8 1/2″ to make the depth of the hat.  This will allow some extra in the back of the fabric to slouch.  If I wanted this to fit like a Toboggan, I would have used 6″ for the depth. You would just take the 2 1/2″ off the height of fabric and follow the same instructions using the different measurement. (Contact me if you are having any problems)

Let’s Make it!

Girl Charlee sent me this super adorable Ugly Sweater Reindeer Diamond Hacci Sweater Knit Fabric; it’s a nice weight and thicker to keep those heads toasty and warm.  With this crazy cold front this year, it’s the perfect fabric to use! Even though I was given this material to make a tutorial for you all, all my thoughts are my own.

What you will need:

1/2 yard of knit fabric 
Paper – 20″ (horizontally) x 11 1/2″ (vertically)
Stretch, jersey or Ballpoint Needle
Matching all-purpose polyester thread or Coats&Clarks new Eloflex
Sewing Kit
Sewing machine 

 All of the sewing on this project is 1/4″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted.


First: Fold the paper in half, and then half again; it will now be in quarters. 
Next: See image below for creating your pattern. On the right side of the folded paper measure up the side 8 1/2″ and mark, then at the top edge of the right side mark 1/2″ in from the folded edge. Using a ruler, draw a line from the edge of the paper at the 8 1/2″ mark at an angle to the 1/2″ mark measurement.  Then on the left side of the paper, measure up 6″ from the bottom. Then using something circular, connect that 6″ mark to the marking at the top.
Next: Cut out the Beanie shape, cutting through 1 layers of fabric.
Remove the pattern and pin the fabric in half.
Then stitch along edge 1, and edge 2.
Then re-fold the hat so the two seams you have just sewn are in the center.
Pin and sew the last curved seam around the top.  

Next, you will need to him the raw edge if you prefer, just remember knit doesn’t fray so finish the raw edge how you would like! 
I folded up 1/2 inch and zig-zag around using matching thread. 



Tada! You are done!  Quick and easy way to make a hat for anyone in your family!

Let me know if you made one.
A huge Thank You to Girl Charlee for supplying the fabric for this project! I hope you will check out the fantastic choice of materials they have to offer and sew each family member up one of these adorable hats! 
Any questions? Post them below! 
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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