Sewn Garland for Weddings or Parties on A Budget – Tutorial

Sewn Garland for Weddings or Parties on A Budget – Tutorial

Sewn Garland – Tutorial

I am going to share a fast, easy way to make your garland! By recycling items you have in your house and your sewing machine!

Supplies needed:

Sewing Machine and thread

A dull recycled needle – (Always save your old changed-out needles, a new hand will go dull from sewing paper.)

Hole punches (any design – go crazy! make sure they are not too small)

A piece of poster board cut down to 8.5 x 11 (I used a comic board)

Making your Garland

To get started,  start punching out circles and hearts.

Keep going until you punched out as many possible from the same card until there is no space left to punch out anything else.

Once you have a nice big pile of cut-out designs, get your sewing machine ready.

Before I started sewing together my garland, I decided on my pattern. The first one I made, I chose to do a whole bobbin worth of hearts.

Just start feeding your hearts under the foot of the sewing machine, and the device will start pulling it under the needle.

Keep your sewing machine speed low to medium, and speed up only once you have a feel for how quickly to put another heart under the foot.

Continue to feed hearts into the machine until the bobbin is empty.

Mine took about 1/2 hour at medium speed.

Once the bobbin is empty,  carefully tape the last heart to the comic board or poster board.

Then slowly wound the garland around the board to keep it from getting tangled.

Once you are at the end of the garland, use washi tape or masking tape to attach it to the board for easy spotting.

With the circles, I used some old book pages cut out and added to the circles simultaneously.

Other Applications for Handmade Garland

This same tutorial can be helpful for graduations, birthdays, baby showers, and much more!!

This is an engagement prop my photographer friend asked me to make after seeing the garland for my wedding.

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the letters and numbers then put them through my sewing machine using the same method as above.

A fun and super easy project, it is easy enough for someone who has never seen it! Have fun with it!

Stay Inspired to Create!


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